What You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Google Posts

What You Need to Know to Get the Most Out of Google Posts

Google Posts are a new way for your business to share relevant content with the people searching for you. You can use images, videos, GIFs and direct links to engage your audience and drive traffic to your content. You can also publish events, products and services to Google Posts, making it a great medium to share daily specials and promotions in real time. Like any other online marketing strategy, there are some best practices to employ when using Google Posts. Here are some tips to make sure you’re optimizing your posts and getting the most out of Google’s new feature:

Track Click Activity

Google Posts doesn’t provide many insights beyond standard number of views and clicks, so you should take initiative and track click activity with UTM codes. You can see more information about your audience if you create a custom URL in your call-to-action link. This will direct you to Google Analytics, which can tell you if users converted after visiting your site. Also allow for sharing of your custom URL across social media channels, so you can get even more exposure.

Post Frequently

The posts only stay live for seven days, so make sure you are consistently updating your business page. There is currently no way to schedule posts, so it needs to be updated in real time.

Highlight Unique Selling Propositions

Use Google Posts to highlight sales and promotions instead of just loading your post with keywords. Over-utilizing keywords has no impact on your ranking and will deter users from going to your site. Take advantage of the liveness of Google Posts, and use it to promote timely updates about your practice. Newest posts will show up first, and older posts are arranged in a carousel format at the bottom of the screen. Google will scroll up to 10 posts in a carousel, but only the first two and a half posts will show up unless users scroll in the search results.

Use Properly-Sized Images and Text

A 750×750 image is the best size for Google Posts and provide the best clarity. Anything smaller than 250×250 won’t be accepted for the post, so make sure your images exceed those dimensions. Images should also be “center-weighted” so they show up properly aligned and won’t get cropped. Also be sure to optimize the length of the text in your posts, since only the first 100 characters will show up in the Knowledge Panel. Write compelling content to entice readers, but make sure your sentence doesn’t get cut off halfway through.

Google Posts is a great tool for marketing your Google My Business page. Optimize your posts so users are getting important information that will lead them to your website and other content.

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