Whale Mail Generates a 300% Return on Investment for Dental Practices

Whale Mail Generates a 300% Return on Investment for Dental Practices

Direct Mail Service is the Newest Offering from Conversion Whale, a Leading Marketing Company for Dentists

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SUNRISE, Fla. (May 3, 2018)Whale Mail, the latest marketing service launched by Conversion Whale, is helping dental practices generate leads at an impressive rate. Dentists using Whale Mail experience an average 300 percent return on investment through the delivery of millions of postcards.

“Direct mail is still very popular among homeowners, achieving a larger response rate than the average response rate for email,” Bill Donato, founder of Conversion Whale, said. “Because Whale Mail is tangible, colorful and hard to miss, potential patients look at it, hang onto it and likely contact the dental practice featured on it.”

Whale Mail uses a data-driven approach that includes defining recipient parameters based on demographics, surrounding zip codes and more. Whale Mail tracks the performance of postcards as soon as they arrive in mailboxes. After obtaining sufficient data, Whale Mail makes continuous improvements to each postcard campaign. They then track response rates for incoming calls, website hits and appointments booked online, and a Whale Mail account manager provides detailed reports to dental practices monthly.

Whale Mail works as a lead generator because:

  • It incorporates large, colorful postcards containing pertinent dental practice information
  • People still look at postal mail
  • Postal mail that includes promotions or deals is proven effective
  • It feels personal
  • It yields high response rates

Direct mail for dentists
Conversion Whale, the nation’s leading Google AdWords marketing company for dental practices, recently launched Whale Mail to round out its offerings. Conversion Whale is known by dentists as the ideal marketing firm for simple, yet profitable lead generation strategies when traditional marketing efforts are not enough. Conversion Whale provides partners with a variety of marketing initiatives to help generate leads, including responsive website design with multi-device compatibility, on-site video development, retargeted web banners and organic search engine optimization.

Conversion Whale helps clients grow quickly with its targeted marketing campaigns, and clients can view results in real time. The company’s proprietary dashboard delivers real-time reports that cover every aspect of the lead generation efforts.