How to Turn Social Media Fans into Patients

How to Turn Social Media Fans into Patients

You’ve launched your social media accounts and started sharing fun, informative content with your online followers. Now, how do you measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts?

Those “likes” and “shares” are great, but they’re not the best measure of success. Your online presence is a way to create more business for your dental practice, and that’s what it should be doing. It’s time to take all that online engagement you’ve earned and leverage it into new patients. Here are some tips to get you started:

Get Personal

Where would you rather make an appointment: A dental practice with a clinical environment and bored employees, or a practice with a warm, welcoming atmosphere and happy employees?

You can use your social media channels to show potential patients that your practice falls into the second category. Let your accounts be a reflection of your office culture – and make that culture fun and inviting.

Showcase your team members whenever possible. Highlight their passion for their work and celebrate their achievements in and out of the office. You can snap photos of office antics, bonding moments and special occasions to give followers a glimpse of daily life at your practice. This is way more effective than using stock photos. Let your employees be the face of your practice online so that potential patients can feel like they know your team before they step in the door.

Seek Out Feedback

If potential patients see that you’re seeking feedback and working to improve, they’ll be more likely to trust you with their care.

Use social media to show current and future patients that their opinions matter to you. If someone posts about your practice – positive or negative – take the time to respond thoughtfully and thank them for their feedback. If a patient posts about a good experience at your office, share that with the rest of your followers and express your commitment to excellent customer service.

Don’t feel any pressure to talk about your practice all the time. You can ask for patients’ feedback on their favorite flavor of toothpaste, their preferred brand of lip balm or the best Mexican restaurant in town. Once you build your audience with fun, engaging posts, you can follow up with information about your practice and what makes it special.

Promote Creatively

The visual nature of Facebook and Instagram make them perfect channels to promote elective services. Share a patient testimonial using Facebook Live, or make a video showing the before-and-after of a cosmetic procedure.

You can also promote deals for new patients. This could be a contest, giveaway, or simply a one-time coupon. Get creative and see how fans respond – you can always tweak your approach.

When you’re formulating your posts, remember that pictures pack a lot more punch than plain copy, but videos trump pictures any day. Consider these statistics from Animoto:

  • Four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it
  • One in four consumers report feeling less interested in companies that don’t use video content
  • Four out of five consumers say it’s important to produce videos explaining how products and services work

As you optimize your social media marketing to attract new patients, keep in mind that Facebook has changed its news feed algorithm to make it more difficult for organic promotional posts to reach consumers. You can pay to “boost” your posts to ensure that your content and offers reach the eyes of potential patients.

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