The Power of Words

The Power of Words

In a dental practice – or any business, for that matter – effective communication is one of the keys to a successful brand. Positive communication is essential in making your patients feel valued, while also getting them excited for new service offerings.

Using different power words helps position you as a trustworthy source that can get people energized and enthusiastic about what you have to say. Power words evoke different emotional responses in people and are frequently used in different marketing strategies and initiatives. Wonderful, excellent, fantastic and unbelievable are all examples of power words, and they get people excited about the topic with which they are associated.

The most potent power word is love. Not necessarily in a romantic sense, but more in the context of appreciation. It is also one of the most impactful marketing words. For example, you can tell clients, “You’ll love the way your new smile looks,” or “You’ll love meeting our dentist and team.” It will get your patients excited about their experience at your office, especially if they’re feeding off of your high energy. Not only will this make the services and offerings more appealing, but it will also make patients feel more comfortable around you. High-energy people are often more attractive to others, and can quickly set them at ease. Contrarily, someone with low energy can seem aloof, unfriendly and make any experience more uncomfortable.

If you start using power words at work and in your personal life, you’ll notice a marked difference in the way others interact with you. Showing confidence that someone will love what you have to offer them will make them more receptive to your services and you.

There are many benefits of including power words in your everyday speech. You can position yourself as a positive, high-energy person who values what you and others have to offer. Although there are plenty of marketing tactics, using power words is one of the easiest ways to start relating to your customers or patients right away.

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