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How to Get Video Testimonials and Reviews for Social Media From Your Patients

If you have a patient that recently completed treatment, ask about their experience. If the treatment was well-received and the patient provided a strong rating of your service, it’s the ideal moment to request a testimonial, written review and rating online.  

Patient testimonials and online reviews often are impactful because they are written by real people
  1. Get a sense of your patients willingness to appear on camera and ask whether they would consider recording a patient testimonial video for your practice’s use on digital content. 
  2. The video needs to capture:
    1. The patient’s name, 
    2. The treatment they received, 
    3. Why they chose the practice to get the treatment completed, 
    4. Their personal experience of the staff, doctor, treatment, appointment process etc.. 
  3. If it’s within budget, hire a professional to captured the testimonial to ensure quality video that can be used on various platforms. 
  4. Be sure to include branding upfront in the video so there your practice is always top of mind when it’s viewed. 
  5. Maximize your videographer time and make sure multiple patient testimonials are captured during the day. 
  6. Once you have received the final footage, have the testimonial videos added to an appropriate dental page on your website based off the content the video from your patient covers.
  7. Either post the videos on Facebook organically or even more revenue generating, boost the testimonials in a paid social campaign to amplify awareness and conversion. 
  8. Once the post is live on your feed, you can boost the page with a paid fee, and the post will reach other users’ News Feed that it would not otherwise if it’s only posted organically! 

Which patient testimonials are the most effective?

Testimonials take word-of-mouth advertising to the next level. Typically made up of a mix of online reviews and recorded footage, testimonials that include a real patient’s service rating in a short video clip posted to social media delivers up to an 86% conversion rate. These types of content can be used to promote profitable services and treatments given their high impact.

Just like most consumers, when potential patients are researching dentists they are looking for well-thought-through, useful, detailed experiences that were memorable and constructive. What may be the most important to someone reading reviews or watch a testimonial about a local dentist is that the reviewer took the time after visiting to share an experience. 

It makes sense to incorporate a strong testimonial strategy into an overall marketing plan and turn patients into word-of-mouth advertisers to promote a dentist practice. By far, this type of review is the best kind of advertising a dentist could ask for.

Where to start with requesting a testimonial

Remember: your dental practice is your brand and you want that experience to be a positive one that builds loyalty and generates referrals from your current patients as well. It isn’t unusual for dentists to have long-term professional relationships with their patients. 

Every visit is an opportunity to win the patient over, to ask about their kids, how their vacation, etc. – to make them feel like a friend that decided to drop in, rather than a recurring revenue generator. And when your patient experience exceeds expectations and inspires a positive review, your response is an opportunity to build upon that relationship.

Why dentists should ask for reviews

Actively requesting reviews from your patients is important, especially if your practice is new. Many dentists believe that one negative review will be a detriment to their online presence, but in reality, most consumers (or patients in our case) are more skeptical of a 100% positive track record! 

There is also power in numbers: the more reviews you request, the more you receive. Another benefit to having lots of positive reviews (besides a stellar reputation): they will mitigate any damage caused by one negative review. A negative review won’t have as much impact on your five-star ranking or your reputation. 

Personally requesting the review doesn’t necessarily mean that the dentist has to wait for the patient to write a three-sentence review, but that personal request makes a difference. The patient now feels slightly obligated to do what they said they would.

Undoubtedly the best experience I’ve had at a dentist’s office. The staff members are so kind, very thorough, and truly took the time to address any concerns, etc. I am so thankful to have found this office!

Adrianna Booth

How important are reviews in the dental industry?

While there are a number of ways that a dental practice can set itself apart from the competition, online reviews often are impactful because they are written by real people (at least, they should be). Positive reviews not only help you win over potential patients who are choosing between ten dentists in a neighborhood with the same services but also help you rank higher on Google.

Patient testimonials on social media also have a great effect because a patient is trusted by peers and what they say is not considered advertising. A testimonial can be used on your practice’s social media accounts and on your website. Likewise, your patient can post their testimonial video on their social media accounts and share it with their network. Sharing is organic, building trust between friends and strangers, and trust drives new patients to trial. 

In fact, there is evidence that reviews are powerful. In a study, 30,000 websites’ organic page visits were monitored over a nine-month period after they started using reviews. The results show that traffic increased from 5,500 to 8,000 during that time.

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