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Dental Office Instagram Posts & Conquering Layout

Conquering dental office Instagram posts, as well as the layout, can be tricky. Though, many businesses might understand aspects of social media marketing, Instagram marketing in particular can be difficult to understand and master. 

dental office Instagram posts

For instance, some businesses may go viral on Instagram due to the unique content they post, while it takes other organizations more time and effort to make a lasting impact. 

Truth is, dental practices should view their Instagram page as a marketing campaign. This means, there must be a clear strategy behind posts. That’s why it’s imperative to find the right templates or ideas for your Instagram marketing strategy. 

I’ve done all the hard work for you and performed an assessment of the most effective dental office Instagram posts by viewing popular dental offices and dentist accounts. Below are some Instagram posts to consider for your dental practice.

The 5 most popular dental office Instagram posts

Before and After Photos

The beauty of working in a dental practice is that you can consistently post something quite obvious: results. You may find that a local user has come across your dental practice because they drove past it, or saw a local billboard for your practice. 

However, the same applies for browning through Instagram. Many prospective patients often search through the platform to find local dentists in their area. What better way to attract them, then to show them actual patient results?

To that point, your Instagram should offer “proof” to show just how effective your dental practice can be. Therefore, before and after Instagram posts can be an extremely effective tactic for driving traffic to your dental practice.

Team Photos

One mistake that many dentists make is that they don’t really present their dental practice as that friendly or human. One type of Instagram post that could help your dental practice seem more down to earth is to actually post photos of your employees. 

You should also post their names, and you may even want to add genuine, even cheeky bios to help humanize your dental practice. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Halloween party, a Christmas celebration, or just some pictures in the office, photos of your staff can go a long way in terms of establishing trust with potential customers. 

Additionally, you should capture employee highlights and announce staff milestones and achievements. This demonstrated you value your employees, which translates into valuing patients. 


Do you have patient testimonials in video format? Have you done a virtual tour of your operatories or filmed your staff for one reason or another? Well, if you have, then these are the types of content Instagram users love to watch. 

Now, if you haven’t compiled videos, then you’re going to want to start. The best way to go about it, is to create a list of the types of videos you’re going to capture (hint: they’re listed in the paragraph above), and just start recording. 

You don’t need special equipment, in fact, your iphone or android phone will suffice. Begin with what’s easier to capture. This will probably be virtual tours of your office and staff interviews. 

Patient Testimonials 

Studies show that positive testimonials and reviews help to attract customers and retain current patients. The way to highlight your written reviews is to gather them from all review sites, including the ones posted to your dental website, and add them to a working document. 

Then, create a template for showcasing reviews on a single post. After that, copy and paste the reviews into the template and do that for every review you have.

Over time, you’ll be able to distribute each one via an Instagram post. Best of all, posts can also be shared to your Instagram Stories as well, which have a high rate of engagement.

Hygiene Facts & Dental Insurance Tips

Education is always beneficial to share and often gets people’s attention, especially on social media. There are so many important hygiene facts that potential patients may not be aware of. 

In addition to that, patients are often unaware of their insurance plan benefits other perks. That’s why it works in your practice’s favor to begin educating your audience about all the information they should be aware of.  

Start by compiling a working document with interesting facts and tips that you can then input into a template. Over time, you’ll have a good amount of assets to work with.

Gift-Giving Contests

One surefire way to grow your following on social media is to throw a contest. The best strategy is to offer an item of value. This Instagram marketing strategy is quite common with many companies. 

For example, you could host a contest where users have to follow your page and like the post, and even tag friends on the post for a chance to win a free hygiene kit or an electric toothbrush. 

Sometimes, companies offer a more substantial gift, like an Amazon gift card, in hopes that more users end up following their account in hopes of winning the contest. If the contest goes viral, you may find that it’s a huge boost to your dental practice, and it could lead to more people coming through your doors than you realize.

Optimal Instagram layout themes for dental practices 

Some of the best and most attractive Instagram pages have a methodical layout with a cohesive filter to add an aspect of matching color scheme. While adding filters is probably not necessary for dental practices, having a page with an attractive aesthetic is.

For example, you could do a grid-like format (i.e. photo, testimonial, video, dental fact) or even rows of three (3 photos, 3 facts/testimonials, 3 videos). To help you strategically assemble your posts, you could use the Instagram layout app (best of all, it’s free). 

Whatever layout you end up choosing, make sure it works best for your dental practice and marketing strategy. To learn more about effective social media marketing strategies, visit and speak to the experts directly.


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