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Dental Hashtags Help to Grow Your Audience on Instagram

Having a dental hashtags strategy can make all the difference on Instagram. In fact, it can help you attract more patients to your dental practice, while simultaneously growing your audience on the platform itself. 

dental hashtags

Unfortunately, hashtags are often overlooked and undervalued in dentistry. According to Oberlo, 80% of Instagram users decide to buy products or services because of what they see on the platform about it.  

An organic way of gaining exposure, hashtags are important to use because they help label your posts into searchable categories. If all you’re doing is writing a caption, then posting a graphic, you’re severely limiting your reach. 

Without the use of hashtags, your post is only going to be seen by those people who follow your account. Plus, if they’re not active around the time you post your content, they may miss it altogether. 

All in all, you should have an inventory of high-performing dental hashtags that you include on your Instagram posts. You can add up to 30 hashtags per post and up to 10 on Instagram Stories.

According to CompareCamp, Instagram posts with at least 11 hashtags perform better for profiles with less than 1,000 followers. The recommended amount is to limit your dental hashtags between 12 to 13, as to not go overboard. 

Long-tail dental hashtags are better for practicing dentists

Heard of long-tail keywords? Well, long-tail hashtags are based on the same concept: the grouping of two to four words that more precisely describe what your photo is about.

The most common types of dental hashtags you’ll see on a dentist’s Instagram page are: #dentist, #dentalclinic, #smile, #orthodontics, #dentalhygienist, #teeth, and #teethwhitening.

However, these are general hashtags that probably have a totally different audience that you realize.

For instance, someone using the #smile hashtag could be using it as a means to describe the person in the photo who is smiling. Whereas, the dentist might be using it to suggest getting the perfect smile. 

To add to that, millions of dentists are using the hashtag #dentist, making it too saturated to use effectively. That’s why using location-specific dental hashtags helps to attract people living in your city or suburb. 

When you include longer hashtags, such as #miamidentist (which is location specific) or #childrensdentistdenver (which is location and specialty specific), you have better chances of attracting the right patient to your practice.   

In fact, data shows that longer hashtags outperform shorter hashtags. So try to keep your dental hashtags between 21 and 24 characters. 

Another tip is to tag local hotspots in the area. For example, if your dental practice is located near a local mall, then use that mall’s official hashtag (which is often its name). Often forgotten is tagging the actual location of your dental practice — locations are another searchable feature in Instagram. 

Some folks are often deterred from using hashtags because they have less than 1000 posts, however, when it comes to attracting more patients to your dental practice, the less archived posts the better. 

Developing a social media strategy to attract more dental patients

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, and all the major platforms are free to join. There’s really no excuse for your dental practice not to build a lasting presence.

As previously mentioned, hashtags are a critical part of posting on Instagram. You must conduct your own research to find out which dental hashtags will work in your practice’s favor. 

Also worth mentioning, it’s imperative to create a hashtag specific to your dental practice which gets added to your Instagram bio. This is a great way to encourage current patients to either tag your practice or use your hashtag, or both. 

However, if your main goal is trying to attract patients who live close by, using hashtags with your local city name and landmarks close by can often help expand your reach.

Believe it or not, many people search social media in order to find healthcare providers, in addition to the internet.

To learn more about developing a solid social media strategy that utilizes dental hashtags and other helpful tools to attract new patients, visit or fill out the form below.  

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