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4 Types of Social Proof That Help Grow Your Dental Practice

Social proof, a term created by Robert Cialdini in his 1984 book Influence, is a concept that speaks to the psychological need for people to emulate the behavior of others in order to fit in.

social proof

Furthermore, it focuses on the notion that most people are often swayed about the decisions they make based on what others are doing — and it’s something that can help grow your dental practice for years to come.

In fact, research shows that 90% of people trust product and service recommendations from friends and family.

Plus, these recommendations are also a form of social proof, however, it is more difficult to control and quantify.

To add to that, a Nielsen report concluded that 92% of consumers favor genuine recommendations as opposed to any other type of advertising.

Now, while it’s still important to request patient testimonials and funnel them to leave reviews on different credible sites, these days you can easily search the web and social media to find positive reviews posted about your business (however, there are rules for posting online reviews to your dental website), as well as any other favorable assets. 

So, let’s explore four examples of social proof and how you can use them to attract new patients to your dental practice. 

Social proof worth adding to your dental website

Case studies

Service-oriented companies that include case studies on their websites often are able to convert website visitors into actual clients. The same goes for small businesses like dental practices.

Do you have a high rate of success performing a particular procedure, or are you known around town because of a special treatment you offer? Well, these are great topics to do a case study!   

Patient testimonials

If you treat a patient who is ecstatic about their results, then get them to write it down. It’s important to ask patients for reviews, have them sign a waiver, then post their feedback directly to your website.

When your practice receives a positive testimonial, use it to your advantage. Your patients are not obligated to leave a review about you or your practice. 

Patient social shares

These days you can incorporate plugins into your website that aggregate all of your social media reviews.

For instance, if your dental practice is on Facebook, then you can add those reviews to your dental website (and if you’re not on the platform, now’s a time to join and funnel patient reviews to that page). 

Awards and recognitions

Dentists are high-achievers by nature. Many have won awards for their commitment to excellence, as well as their dedication to treat patients.

Awards, notable recognitions, and honorable mentions, are all examples of social proof worth sharing. You can easily add an “Accomplishments” page to your dental website to showcase all of your achievements. 

Learn how to leverage testimonials to attract new dental patients

It’s critical to the success of your dental practice to make sure your website (and social media profiles) reflect up to date reviews, testimonials, and other forms of social proof.

Of greater importance is providing exemplary customer service to all patients visiting your practice.

Truth is, some patients are compelled to leave a review based on their experience, negative or positive.

And, if you know a patient is dissatisfied with your services, then make sure to fix the problem before they post a negative review online.

Showing social proof is one of the strongest ways to demonstrate to potential patients that you’re the right dentist and dental practice to go too.

Though it can be tedious to collect all the forms of social proof pertaining to your dental practice and services, then add it to your website, it’s certainly worth doing.

As a matter of fact, the experts at Conversion Whale have been helping dental practices across the nation efficiently create high-converting dental websites that successfully turn online visitors into actual patients. To learn more, visit or fill out the form below.  

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