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3 Types of Dental Facebook Audiences That Convert

Facebook is a highly effective platform for small businesses like dental practices to target and convert their audiences. In fact, last year there was an increase of 23 percent in searches targeting local business. 

dental Facebook audiences

Moreover, around two-thirds of its audience visit a business page run by a local business once a month. 

With a bit of consistent effort, dentists can make Facebook work for them by creating dental audiences that convert. 

Target audiences need to be clearly defined and set up to maximize the results of a campaign or the reach of boosted posts. 

Broadly, there are three ways in which Facebook audiences can be targeted. These are custom, lookalike, and saved audiences. 

Different types of Facebook audiences 

Custom Audiences

This group is customized by Facebook according to their engagement history with your dental practice. 

They could be from your email subscription list, people who visited your website or interacted with your dental practice’s Facebook Page. 

In other words, this is an audience list that Facebook creates based on people’s prior interest or interaction with you. It is relevant because they have shown a demonstrable interest in your services. 

Lookalike Audiences

As the name suggests, these are audiences that the platform believes look a lot like your custom audiences. 

Based on these individuals’ profiles and activity, the platform thinks that they could be interested in your services.

It’s important to understand that this group doesn’t interact with you as of now. They may not know you or your services.

Saved Audiences

This is where you get to choose. You can build this type of audience using several parameters, including, age, location, interests, or other features. The beauty of saved audiences is that you can combine or exclude people based on their level of engagement. 

For example, if you want to increase your number of followers, you could create a campaign that targets people who have not already liked your page. 

If you diligently set up your target audiences, then it becomes easy to roll out campaigns. It also allows you to reach them with cost-efficiency and better focus. 

Let the experts handle your dental Facebook marketing 

Creating dental Facebook audiences can be fun if you know what you are doing. However, if you don’t know much about facebook marketing, then it’s best to let the experts help you out.

When done right, Facebook ads that target the right audiences can bring in a revenue flow you didn’t think was possible.

Now more than ever, it’s important to utilize all options available to your practice in order for your business to succeed.

Facebook ads are a great way to recoup last year’s losses, and make this a really stand-apart year. To learn more about Facebook marketing and creating custom, dental audiences, visit or fill out the form below.

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