Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Dental Practices: What Conversion Whale Learned from More than 400 dentists

Specialized Dental Marketing Company Shares Social Media and Reputation Best Practices for Dental Professionals

SUNRISE, Fla. (July 12, 2018)Conversion Whale, the nation’s leading Google AdWords marketing company for dental practices and a subsidiary of Dental Whale, has developed social media and online reputation management best practices and tips for dental offices.

After partnering with more than 400 dentists, and years as an industry leader in dental marketing, Conversion Whale shares some social media do’s and don’ts to help dentists hone their online brand.


  • Create a strategy to engage audiences – An effective social media campaign will combine different tactics to consistently engage existing and future patients. Showcase unique, fun aspects of your practice’s culture, and why it delivers a great patient experience. Promote limited-time offers or other incentives to bring in patients. Share news about the importance of regular check-ups and oral hygiene. Use a variety of sources and types of posts to keep audiences engaged.
  • Chronicle online reviews – Promote your positive online reviews on social media, and encourage other users to leave reviews. Online reviews are one of the most potent ways to drive new patient leads, while also maximizing your practice’s online visibility through SEO.
  • Be responsive – If patients reach out to you on social media, be responsive. Make sure you answer them in a timely manner, and stay professional but friendly and respectful. New and existing patients will enjoy the opportunity to regularly connect with you on social media and know they are valued. Google Alerts and other free tools can notify you when someone mentions your practice online, and doctors who monitor these conversations are much more likely to win new business.


  • Post just to post – Each update on social media should be part of a larger strategy to drive patients to your dental practice. Some practices arbitrarily post irrelevant updates or industry news that would only interest dental professionals. Make sure all your posts are consumer-facing and are part of a larger, comprehensive social media strategy that encourages patients to visit your practice.
  • Use stock photos – Real photos of dental practices are in, and stock photos are out. Using real photos builds trust in the community, and it showcases the unique attributes of your practice and employees. Making people respect you and your work is more important than any other social media or online reputation management commandment.
  • Share too much – While your social media strategy should be open and inviting, be careful not to share too much. You need to make sure you are consistently staying HIPAA compliant.

“Ninety percent of consumers check online reviews before trying out a new business, and the vast majority of these consumers are also active on social media,” said Amy Leonor, director of marketing for Conversion Whale. “It’s now more important than ever for dental practices to cultivate an extensive social media presence, and make a positive impression on potential patients online to generate new leads.”

Dentists turn to Conversion Whale when they want assistance creating simple yet profitable lead generation strategies, and traditional marketing efforts are not enough. Conversion Whale provides a variety of marketing tools to help generate leads, including responsive website design with multi-device compatibility, on-site video development, retargeted Web banners and organic search engine optimization. Conversion Whale’s focus is on two main aspects of marketing: attracting new customers and increasing client frequency – guaranteeing an unprecedented minimum of 50 new leads per month.

Conversion Whale’s innovative and comprehensive approach to online reputation management and social media marketing also proves to be an asset to dentists looking to generate more leads and grow their patient base. With more than half of consumers using online search engines to find a new dentist, dental practices need to have a strong online presence. By encouraging patients to leave online reviews and optimizing social media tactics, dentists can make an impressive impact on new and existing patients.

Conversion Whale is able to help clients grow quickly with its targeted marketing campaigns and view results in real time. The company’s new and improved proprietary dashboard delivers real-time reports that cover all aspects of the lead generation efforts. This allows clients to track and review the results Conversion Whale brings them exactly as they happen.

Conversion Whale works with all its clients to identify the best audiences, marketing language and SEO terms for their given communities. The firm sets up onboarding calls and team meetings to ensure marketing dollars are spent effectively.

About Conversion Whale

Founded in 2014, Conversion Whale is a rapidly-growing marketing firm that has become the nation’s leading Google AdWords marketing company for dental practices. Conversion Whale’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff specializes in turning existing websites into profitable marketing engines and promises its clients a minimum of 50 new leads a month. The company currently partners with more than 400 dental practices throughout North America and is rapidly expanding its reach. For more information, visit or call (855) 699-4253.