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Top 6 Dentist Review Sites to Request Patient Testimonials

Dentist review sites have flourished, with research suggesting that more than 90% of patients factor in online feedback when comparing dental practitioners. For that reason, more and more patients are researching and importantly, rating dental practices online.

dentist review sites

Plus, more than 70% use it as their primary step when choosing a new dental care provider. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that dentists and dental professionals maintain a desirable and trustworthy reputation online

In order to do that, you must begin with an audit of the existing brand value of the dental practice. To help you with that, here are the top six dental review sites for effectively and ethically managing your online brand equity.

The most popular sites to request patient testimonials


With close to 180 million visitors per month, Yelp is the predominant, global directory for reviews and references. This is where your current and former patients are likely to review your business. Additionally, competitor reviews are also placed here as well. So it can be a very useful tool to understanding why patients might be choosing your competitor over you.


The big daddy of search and ratings, Google is where people go for a comprehensive review of your services. This is where peer recommendations and criticisms are fully visible upon your initial search. Dental practices must list themselves on Google My Business (GMB) and actively engage with patients. Best of all, it’s a free resource with tons of benefits.


With close to 2.6 billion people actively using it, Facebook has evolved from a social network to a comprehensive site. Remember, people tend to trust reviews from their friends rather than strangers. Your dental practice must have a Facebook Page and you should encourage your patients to post reviews on it. This will help you create a virtuous cycle of social media influence.


One of the largest online directories devoted to dentists, 1-800-Dentist is a comprehensive and interactive site full of resources with both videos and articles. Patients are asked five questions and then provided a recommendation to a dentist who suits their needs. After that, the site seeks patients’ reviews about their experience.  


Patients can not only search for dentists on Healthgrades, but they can also book appointments. Used by millions to find doctors across the nation, the site allows dentists to create a profile and receive reviews from patients. It’s an extremely popular site for healthcare professionals, especially dentists, because it helps patients find a provider of choice. 

Custom-built for those in the dental profession, lets dentists connect with their current or prospective patients. It’s meant to be a source of education for patients, teaching them everything they need to know about maintaining good oral healthcare. In addition to that, doctors can answer questions and also write articles on dental care. 

Patient reviews of dentists are vital to your practice

In a world where people review everything online from restaurants to airlines to educational institutions to even potential life partners, reviews of dentists and dental practices are no different. 

To keep up with the times, dental practitioners should proactively monitor and build a positive online presence on these suggested dentist review sites to sustain and grow their business. 

Now more than ever, reviews can make or break a dentist’s reputation. The more reviews you have, the better your chances to perform well in online searches.

To learn more about perfecting, monitoring, and managing your online reputation, visit and speak directly to the experts.

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