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Let Online Review Generation Software Ask for Patient Reviews

Believe it or not, online reviews can make or break your practice. In fact, dentists should pay close attention to what patients are saying about their services online. These reviews have a great influence on whether your practice is able to attract new patients and retain existing patients.

generate online reviews through automation

The value of an online review in relation to your practice

Your online reputation is the first impression prospective patients get about your practice. Therefore, online reviews matter especially if you want your practice to be taken seriously by potential patients. In addition to that, maintaining a high rating online also helps retain existing patients.

Many consumers aim to visit physicians who come highly recommended by family and peers. As a matter of fact, a consumer study conducted by BrightLocal proves just that. Apparently, 91% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Interestingly enough, about a third of patients use online reviews to help them choose a new doctor

The amount of positive reviews, combined with your online rating has a direct correlation to patient conversion. As well as your patient retention rate. 

An additional benefit of accruing sufficient patient reviews is their relevance to search engine optimization (SEO). The more reviews your practice has online, the greater the value search engines will place on your business. It’s a great tactic to help your practice rank higher than competitors on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Why use an online review generation software

There are two methods that you can control in order to acquire online reviews. Your options are between creating a manual review generation process or by using review generation software.

Every service-oriented business, like your practice, needs an online reputation management program. Most importantly, your program should make it easy for patients to leave feedback. 

The easier it is for patients to leave a review, especially positive reviews, the better your conversion. To that point, people spend 31% more on businesses that maintain excellent reviews.

If numbers matter to you, then your review program should be automated, streamlined, and fast. An automated software that requests and collects patient reviews can help you manage your online reputation effectively. 

When you use a review generation software, the process becomes simple for your practice to manage. It also becomes a simpler process for your patient. This streamlined process has a better turnaround time than its manual counterpart. Plus, patients easily receive the request and the review gets posted easily too. 

Bypass the manual review generation process 

There’s nothing wrong with creating a manual review generation process yourself. It’s a commendable task to undertake but lacks efficiency. 

When you create a manual review generation process, you take on every aspect of soliciting reviews. Not only is this tedious but it’s also very time consuming. 

For instance, the best time to ask a patient for a testimonial is after they’ve completed their procedure. Though, with all of the other priorities that must be taken care of, it’s common to forget to ask for one. And if you do ask for one face-to-face, then you need to ask if they’re comfortable with you sharing their testimonial on your website or social media.

Therefore, if productivity is a driving factor in your practice, then a manual process is not the way to go.  

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Dentists should have a proactive plan to get more positive reviews from patients. Realistically,  requesting patient reviews and testimonials manually is a tedious task. However, using a user-friendly review generation software is a much more efficient way to go. 

With Conversion Whale’s Reputation Management and Review Generation Software, we take control of your online reputation and actively work to grow your reviews, resulting in improved SEO and new patient generation.


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