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How To Film Dental Testimonial Videos From Your iPhone

Testimonials are like nuggets of gold that have the ability to attract new patients to your dental practice. The majority of people trust online reviews, sometimes more so than word of mouth (however, that still holds value too).

testimonial videos

To that point, are you utilizing video testimonials on your dental website? Do you hesitate using video testimonials because hiring a video production company isn’t cheap? 

If budget restrictions are something you worry about, then consider the alternative: filming good-quality patient video testimonials right on your iPhone.

Your iPhone is basically a mini computer! You can actually use it for virtually anything these days, including video production. Believe it or not, many dentists already are. 

If you’ve been wondering how to incorporate video content into your website and social media channels, it’s time to consider using your iPhone’s video feature to your advantage.

Below are six tips to help you begin filming patient video testimonials right from your cell phone. 

Tips to use your iPhone to film dental testimonial videos

For starters, be sure to ask your patient to sign a waiver that gives consent to use their video testimonial for your marketing purposes. 

  1. Position iPhone horizontally to film – When filming, you must always hold the iPhone horizontally (not vertically) because it makes the shot look better on wide screens when viewing. 
  2. Use a tripod for balance – There are tons of neat iPhone accessories you can buy on Amazon, including camera tripods to hold your iPhone. This ensures your footage isn’t bouncing all over the place.
  3. Never use the zoom feature – Have you ever noticed how pixelated the video looks when you zoom in? For that reason, instead of using the zoom feature, position the tripod (with the camera still attached) elsewhere until you find a spot you like. 
  4. Use professional or natural light – You have two options; capture video during the day when the sun is out, or buy professional lighting on Amazon. They sell inexpensive lighting kits for this very purpose. 
  5. Buy a clip-on microphone – When it comes to sound, it’s best to buy a clip-on microphone that’s compatible with your iPhone model. And yes, you most certainly can find this on Amazon too. 
  6. Edit like a professional – Refer to our blog on Instagram Story apps to learn three apps that will help you edit your testimonial videos like a pro! 

Repurposing dental testimonial videos for social media

Do you have video testimonials of your patients that are just filed on your computer files? Well, you should be using those testimonials to your advantage. 

One of the hardest things is getting patients to take time from their busy schedules to provide you with an actual video testimonial. So if you’ve already jumped this hurdle, the hardest part is already behind you.

If you already have content sitting on the shelves collecting dust, now’s the time to repurpose that content so it can help you grow your business.

And, a great way to do that is to post those testimonial videos to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and even LinkedIn.

These social media platforms are great for generating a buzz around your business, and help to attract more new patients

Work with the experts in dental marketing to perfect your social media strategy

Part of having a fantastic social media strategy is having lots of social proof. Video testimonials present prospective patients with the face of an actual patient at your dental practice.

To add to that, they are able to hear firsthand about their positive experience with you and your staff. 

If not having enough knowledge about video production has held you back from creating video content for your dental practice, then now is the time to learn. Your iPhone wasn’t cheap, therefore, it’s important to make good use of it.

In fact, the experts at Conversion Whale have been helping dentists across the nation perfect their social media strategy and develop a video content and testimonial program. Fill out the form below to get in touch, or visit to learn more. 

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