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Multivariate Testing for High-Converting Dental Ads on Social Media

Multivariate testing that delivers the strongest performing, proven display ads scientifically optimized for conversion is one way to achieve your Facebook and Instagram objectives.

multivariate testing

In fact, Facebook and Instagram have powerful tools for local targeting, making these platforms an ideal place to build a business. Chances are your patients have an account on one or both of them. 

To capture the attention of online users who are already engaging content, it’s best to promote ads you already know are conversion-focused. Pre-test your messages, design, and layout in a web display advertising multivariate test and run the strongest performers on social to make an impact on fans and followers. 

Facebook and Instagram’s greatest strength when it comes to targeting, is its precision. Not only can you target current and new patients based on their interests, behaviors, and demographics, you can also limit your audience to certain geographies.

Therefore, understanding how to target and reach the right patients at the right time with procedures you offer and that your audience wants is crucial to a successful social media campaign.

Get started on multivariate testing

Multivariate testing scientifically optimizes ad content for conversion by testing many variables at the same time. Various elements on each banner can be interchanged to reflect different combinations of the ad. The combination that performs the best and is aligned to the business goal is the strongest piece delivering patients to the practice and can be promoted on social media to increase return on ad spend.

Here is how to run a multivariate test.

  • Evaluate and identify which “special” you would like to test.
  • Create 2 banner ads variations with the exact same special, make sure you ad different wording and segmentations. 
  • Create separate Display Campaigns in your Google Ads Platform with the same settings.
  • Start driving traffic. 
  • Analyze traffic. 

Where to create a social media ad account

Once your multivariate test returns results for the strongest converting ads, you’ll need to add them to Facebook. If this is your first time advertising on either social media platform, you’ll need a Facebook account in order to use the Ads Manager on both sites. To create a Facebook Business Manager account, follow these instructions: 

  1. Log in or create a Facebook account. You need a personal account to receive notifications and confirmation.
  2. Type into your browser.
  3. In the top right corner, click Create Account.
  4. Complete the information requested and hit Next.
  5. Finish adding your business details and select Submit.

How to advertise on Facebook and Instagram 

Running your own ads on Facebook and Instagram is actually pretty simple; all you really need is your dental page and some creative assets, which you can easily make yourself. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be live with social advertising in no time if you follow some simple steps. 

  1. Log in to Ads Manager – and create a new campaign.
  2. Choose an advertising objective. Ask yourself what you want your ads to deliver. Do you want likes, clicks to your website, phone calls, or form fills? 
  3. Choose an audience. Facebook shows you multiple audiences to expose your ad to. As a dentist who is likely wanting local exposure, choose a targeting radius around your practice and exclude ads from other geographic locations so your ads will only be shown to a specific audience. 
  4. Choose the ad placements, which is where your ads appear (including if you want them to appear on Instagram). The easiest option here is to pick Automatic Placements, which allows Facebook to place your ads where it is most likely to get results. 
  5. Choose how much of your budget you want to spend. 
  6. Before building the ad, take a look at the types of Facebook ads and creative guidelines
  7. Select ad format and create an ad. 

Call us

When working with Conversion Whale, you receive the benefits of working with a partner who truly understands the dental industry. We know how to reach more patients through Instagram and Facebook with customized location targeting that is informed by our consumer and industry research. We know how far patients will travel for certain procedures – and we know what it takes to refine your strategy, so you are only spending money on patients and potential patients who are more likely to convert. 


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