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How Paid Dental Advertising Helps Dentists Reach the Right Patients

How many times have you heard that patients turn to their computers to make decisions about their healthcare? Well, if you haven’t, then read that sentence one more time because it’s true and here to stay. 

paid dental advertising

Long gone are the days when people thought the computer was just a fad. In fact, the computer has connected billions of people all around the world, and it still continues to provide a wealth of information to its users.  

According to a 2018 survey commissioned by, 80% of respondents had used the internet within the year to conduct a search about healthcare. To add to that, 63% selected their provider of choice based on that doctor having a stronger online presence. 

There are two main takeaways from that data; 1) patients are searching for their dentists online, and 2) being highly visible online works in your favor.      

Now, not all dental practices are going to show up on the first page of a local dentist Google search. That’s where paid dental advertising comes into play.

Did you know that dental ads on Google can get your website listed on the first page of a local Google search? Not only that, they help you attract patients who are actually in need of your services.  

Let’s explore four key reasons why paid dental advertising on Google can be a good marketing strategy for your practice.       

4 benefits of investing in paid dental advertising

1) Let’s you focus on high-value keywords

It’s all about keywords on Google! Therefore, it’s vital to the success of your dental ad (and dental practice) to bid for dental keywords that attract the right type of patients. In addition to that, you can target patients based on geography. More importantly, you’re reaching an audience through Google ads that’s on the verge of converting. 

2) ROI is measurable 

One of the most important assets of any business, large and small alike, is being able to measure return on investment. Luckily, with Google ads, you have the functionality that enables you to understand the customer journey from the moment they click on your ad. This helps you gauge which paid ads are working and pull the ones that aren’t producing a decent return.  

3) It’s a solid marketing tactic

Every dental practice needs a strategic marketing plan which utilizes a variety of tactics to improve its bottom line. Dental advertising, especially on platforms like Google, can pay off tenfold if done right. With Google ads, you pay for every click your dental ad gets, which is why selecting the right keyword makes all the difference. 

4) You set your ad budget

Setting a marketing budget isn’t always easy, especially when month-to-month finances vary. Fortunately, a benefit of Google ads is that you set your dental advertising budget. Additionally, you can pause ads and adjust your budget if you need. And, in today’s times, having the ability to control your budget, your spend, and your message is paramount. 

Work with the experts to develop your paid advertising strategy 

Uncertain times call for atypical measures. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with thinking outside the box. Truth is, it can make all the difference when it comes to developing your paid dental advertising strategy.

The experts at Conversion Whale have been helping dentists across the nation improve their advertising strategy with a high rate of success.

Plus, they’ve also positively impacted profits at a slew of dental practices by expanding their online presence, acquiring more positive reviews, and optimizing their online content for search engines.     

To learn more about how paid advertising, online reputation, and a professionally-curated dental website can help grow your practice, visit or fill out the form below. 


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