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4 Best Ad Sizes for Your Dental Campaign

The most successful dental practices are always busy with new and returning patients. This success is a balance between providing excellent dental treatments and customer service, as well as maintaining a multifaceted marketing plan to build a reputable brand. 

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According to Inside Dentistry, when it comes to your professional reputation, paying attention to your online presence is just as important as the look of your office. 

Considering that 73% of consumers turn to search engines for treatment information, digital advertising becomes a priority to attract potential patients to your dental practice. 

A key facet of dental marketing is digital advertising, particularly web and mobile banner ads. Choosing the right ad size can translate into higher online visibility for your dental practice, and a good return on ad spend. 

However, with so many online ad sizes available today, it can be difficult to decide which is the best fit for your dental campaign. 

To help you figure out which ad size is ideal for your messaging, below are the four best ad sizes to choose from when promoting your dental practice.                         

What are the best ad sizes for dentistry?

1) Medium Rectangle (300x250px)

The medium rectangle is one of the most effective ad sizes because they conveniently fit into the majority of all website layouts. It’s the type of ad you find on the side, in the middle, or at the end of online articles.     

At least 40% of Google Ads are medium rectangle ads. This ad size works well on both desktop and mobile screens, and it can include text and images. 

Medium rectangle ads can be static images (JPG and PNG) or animated (GIF) for up to 30 seconds at 15 to 20 fps to make them easy to read. In addition, they can contain up to 1,024 characters, so narrow down your ad message and graphics for maximum impact. 

2) Leaderboard (728x90px)

A leaderboard ad is what you find at the top of a web page, on the upper half of the desktop screen. About 25% of all Google ads are leaderboards. They also work well across the top of mobile sites, making the leaderboard prime ad real estate. 

If you choose to design a leaderboard ad specifically for mobile sites, the dimensions should be 320x50px. The main advantage of the leaderboard ad size is that it keeps your ads visible as users switch from mobile to desktop and back.   

Just like the medium rectangle ads, leaderboards can support images and animations, along with 1,024 characters of text.   

3) Wide Skyscraper (160x600px) 

The wide skyscraper is the tall, narrow ad that you may see on the side of a webpage as you scroll down. About 12% of all Google ads are wide skyscrapers, which you may know as standing banners.    

A wide skyscraper may not always translate well on mobile devices, but it has the highest visibility on a desktop screen. 

For most digital advertising requirements, combining these three best ad sizes can cover most of your marketing needs. 

4) Social ads (various sizes)

When it comes to social ads, the ad’s aspect ratio is just as important as the number of pixels. In the 1:1 ratio ad, you can use a 600x600px image or larger. The 1.91:1 aspect ratio ad requires a 600x315px image or larger. 

These display on both Facebook and Instagram, but always test each of your designs on the platforms before launching your dental campaign. 

While you can add text to the medium rectangle, leaderboard, and wide skyscraper ads, social ads require a separate title of up to 25 characters. Other perks include, a description of up to 125 characters including spaces, a clear call to action, a link description of up to 25 characters, and an optional display link of up to 1,024 characters. 

Who To Turn to for Help With Your Dental Ad Campaign?

Learning all the ins and outs of launching a successful dental ad campaign can be tricky, especially if your specialty is dentistry.

While it never hurts to learn something new, sometimes you have to choose the tasks that deserve your focus and those that can be passed onto someone else. For instance, your digital marketing efforts. 

For years, the experts at Conversion Whale, dentistry’s top dental marketing company, have been helping dentists refine and perfect their digital marketing strategy. In fact, their success rate is what keeps dentists coming back for more help in other areas of their practice.

To learn more about enhancing your dental ad campaign or how you can improve your digital marketing strategy, visit or fill out the form below.

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