Mobile traffic accounts for over 60% of a dental offices traffic

Most dental offices have websites now a days, but most of them – to be honest – can be very boring looking and difficult to navigate! A good mobile website can, and most likely, attract more customers. 

According to, 1.5 million Android mobile devices are activated each day!! This means that more and more people are using their mobile devices and smart phones on a daily basis to access all types of services.

It is so easy now, if you have a dental emergency, to look through your mobile device and within minutes, find which practices are closest to you, what services they offer and book an appointment within minutes.

Because this easy access to information is available to customers, as a dental practice, you need a mobile website that stands out and offers all the right information for costumers to call in for appointments.

There are a few ways you can improve your dental practice mobile website to attract more people.

  • First of all, the site needs to look the part. It has to be up to date, and most importantly be compatible with any mobile device.
  • It also needs to be easy to navigate find information such as appointment forms, contact information and scheduling.
  • Make it fun an interactive! Add videos, pictures and access to social media points that are easy to access and navigate with all mobile devices.
  • Make sure your website makes references to the local area. Make potential customers feel comfortable that the clinic is part of the community.
  • Take friendly pictures with your staff and doctors. This helps customers familiarize with the practice and it shows that the staff is friendly and caring about the patients’ well-being.

 Conversion Whale Responsive Sites

Here at Conversion Whale, we make sure that all our sites are optimized to be seen in all mobile devices and smartphones. Also, we help you make your mobile site easy to navigate, easy to access appointment forms, telephone numbers, promotions and specials.

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