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How Waze Ads for Dentists Help with New Patient Acquisition

Waze ads for dentists is not only an effective marketing technique for dental practices to get more walk-ins and grow their business, but it’s also one that is often overlooked.

Waze ads for dentists

In today’s day and age, it’s imperative to think out of the box and explore creative and underutilized marketing tactics. The field of dentistry is no different.

Dentists, often employing the typical tactics like Facebook ads, direct mail marketing, and Google ads, can enhance results through Waze advertising. 

What are Waze ads for dentists?

Waze is a navigation app that was acquired by Google in 2013. Equally as popular as Google Maps, it hosts more than 100 million active users per month.

The app’s advertising features for local enterprises help small businesses like dental practices gain visibility and maximize their marketing efforts.    

In fact, there are four different advertising features that could assist dental practices with promoting their services to local residents.

  1. Branded Pins: A pin that acts like a store-front sign to let drivers know the location of your practice.
  2. Promoted Search: Your coordinates get pushed to the top of search results, and drivers will see your practice’s logo in the listing.
  3. Zero Speed Takeovers: A digital banner highlighting your business, presented to drivers when their car is at a stop. 
  4. Nearby Arrow: When a driver opens the app and is near your location, an arrow is depicted to indicate that your dental practice is nearby. 

How does Waze advertising work?

Hyper-Local Focus

Unlike traditional online advertising methods, Waze’s algorithm is focused on prospective customers in nearby locations. This is a great feature, especially since you want to attract local patients. Plus, it’s an effective marketing tactic that helps you maximize advertising dollars.


Brand awareness goes up every time a driver views the location of your dental practice. And because many users utilize this app to help them find quicker routes to and from home, drivers are more likely to remember the name of your practice, and where it’s located.

Foot Traffic

Increased awareness goes hand in hand with enhancing foot traffic to your dental practice. In fact, businesses that advertise on Waze have an average increase of 20% in navigations to their location. 

Simple Reporting

Waze prides itself on an easy-to-use interface and simple reporting framework. For dentists and dental offices, this means, you would be able to do it without employing the services of a digital marketing team.

Easy to Measure

Since a simple reporting framework is provided, it’s easy to quantify the results of Waze ads. You’ll be able to gauge how much you’ve spent on ads, review performance analytics, as well as view impressions and reach statistics.

Cost Effective

Waze is one of the least expensive digital advertising avenues for dentists. For instance, prices can be as low as $2 per thousand impressions (CPM), typically this rate applies to branded pin ads minus the call-to-action banner.

Benefits of creative dental ads

Conventional advertising tactics are often expensive, can be difficult to quantify without the right tracking tools. Plus, they don’t always produce immediate results. Finding different ways to present your services to a large local audience is key to acquiring new patients.

Creative dental ads, such as ones placed on the Waze navigation app, can give your practice that extra added amount of visibility it needs to keep your schedule full. Perhaps even reigning over traditional direct mail marketing, Waze ads provide higher brand visibility to local users on a daily basis.

So, if you’re searching for innovative ways to drive foot traffic and acquire new patients, Waze ads for dentists could very possibly be a superior marketing option. 

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