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Updating Your Dentist Website to Increase Patient Conversions

A dentist website that is inefficient, and outdated will significantly dent not just your digital presence but also your customer acquisition funnel. 

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Long gone are the days of just building a website and then forgetting about it. Dentist websites, just like any other website, need to periodically change and evolve.

They must evolve with the current times, evolve with technology, and evolve with your marketing strategy. 

To that point, at least every quarter you should assess if your dentist website is relevant in respect to these three topics.

While it might take more strategic thinking to align your website with the current times, technology, and your marketing strategy, you can still make quick and easy updates to bring it up to par slowly.

Below are seven indicators that suggest whether your current website needs to be updated. 

Top 7 signs that you need to update your dentist website

Missing SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is necessary for Google to give your site a better ranking. It’s the little lock icon located at the beginning of your URL. It assures visitors and search engines that the connection is secure and that all information is protected. 

Not mobile-friendly     

Close to 60 percent of all internet searches are performed using smartphones now. If people find it difficult to read your dentist website on their mobile phones, it means you have to update, and possibly redesign, your site with a mobile-friendly approach.

Lacks conversion

A website is a business tool for customer acquisition. If it doesn’t convert, it isn’t benefiting your business. Maybe your website is not user-friendly, or your content is uninspiring and confusing. Perhaps your call-to-action messages are not integrated well. Whatever it is, fix it.

Uses and supports Adobe Flash Player 

If you created your dentist website at the beginning of your career and you’ve now been in business for 10 years without updating your website, then be aware that search engines have stopped reading Flash Player. If your website uses Flash, you will have to redesign it.

Low search engine ranking

What’s the point of having a dental website if it doesn’t show in relevant search results? You may have had an SEO strategy but it’s obvious that it’s not working for your website now. You need to upload original content, including video and make your site as optimized as possible.

Slow to load

If you press next, or a tab on the navigation menu and it takes forever to load, then you have a speed problem. You only have three seconds, apparently 40 percent of website visitors will leave it if it takes longer to load. 

Boring and outdated design

Website design has moved by leaps and bounds. To really know if your website is outdated, compare it with small business websites and top competing dentist websites. In fact, check out the best of the best in dentistry, see what they’re doing.

Task your website update and redesign to the experts

Patient conversions play a huge role in the success of any dental practice. That’s why every extension of your business, like your website and social media accounts, should be used to effectively promote your practice.

Your website has the ability to convert prospective patients before they even enter your office. Therefore, it must be topnotch.

Check your site for any of the seven signs stated in this article. All must be up to date. If you are unsure about how to go about it, work with the experts at Conversion Whale.

They’ve been helping dentists across the country for years, perfecting the quality of their websites, and even doing a slew of other services such as digital and direct mail marketing. 

To learn more, visit or fill out the form below.

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