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Marketing Dental Services Through Specialized Landing Pages

Marketing dental services through specialized landing pages is essential to businesses in all industries and sectors. To review, a landing page is a stand-alone site where the visitor can take advantage of a service or offer. 

marketing dental services

A landing page is also known as a lead capture page and it’s extremely important to lead conversion in general. Sometimes, they can be linked to a website, but they’re really meant to stand apart from your everyday practice website

When it comes to dental advertising, there’s no shortage of competition. If you are serious about standing out, then chances are, you will have to create a landing page that can convert. To do so, you might want to think about the following.   

How landing pages can help you market specialized dental services and offers

The purpose of a landing page is to bring attention to a very specific task, service, or offer at hand. These targeted and optimized sites aid in a patient’s buying decision especially when it comes to specialized dental services.

For instance, if you are well known for dental implants and want to attract more patients in need of this procedure, then create a landing page specific to this service. You must attract the patient by hitting on their pain points and list out the benefits of why they should choose you as their dentist. 

Same goes for teeth whitening. Seeing as it’s a popular service that ranks as a high-producing treatment, you may want to consider building out a landing page specific to this treatment. In addition to that, you can even present a special offer to entice visitors of the site.    

Consider some of the most profitable specialized dental services, especially the ones you’re well-known for, and begin thinking about which ones you can create landing pages for.

Top 5 features of a high converting landing page

1) Discusses Pain Points and Benefits

Since dental landing pages are specific to certain treatments and offers, you must appeal to a person’s emotions. If a visitor is interested in certain dental services, there’s a good chance that they’re searching the internet to find the best suited dentist. By including all of the benefits of this service and presenting a comprehensive picture of why they should choose you, you’ll indirectly help influence them to do so. 

Dental practices should focus on why they are superior to the alternatives. In this way, the consumer can have a clear idea of why they are signing up before they do. You should present these benefits in a visually-pleasing way, whether it’s bullet points, or a particular font or color. Hiring a graphic designer can help.

2) Captures Leads

The best of the best dental landing pages have a way to capture leads. This means, you’re actively acquiring emails so you can build an active email list. To do this effectively, most landing pages have a “Subscribe Now,” “Receive Our Newsletter,” or “Join For More Offers” button. Others include a form fill. 

Thing is, while you may have these buttons or forms on your site, if your copy isn’t convincing enough, then no one is going to provide you with their contact information. That’s why it’s crucial to write compelling copy. To do this, it’s best to hire a copywriter or digital marketing service to help you.

3) Includes Glowing Reviews

One of the most important aspects of a dental landing page (or website in general) is patient testimonials. Positive reviews and video testimonials offer a unique perspective on why patients appreciate your dental practice. Most importantly, the fact that names and pictures are shown helps tremendously when it comes to establishing trust and credibility

When you show social proof, it’s an incredible way to stand out from the competition. Therefore, including reviews on your landing page can help convince prospective patients to choose you as their dentist based on an actual patient’s perspective. These patient reviews can be quite compelling when specific experiences and moments are highlighted, as well. 

4) It’s Mobile Friendly

Some dental practices haven’t taken the time to realize that mobile traffic is the most important kind of traffic in current times. If your dental landing page is crammed with text, keep in mind that it might look good on a desktop version. However, when viewing from an ipad or smartphone, it might look terrible. 

For example, dental practices should make sure that there is enough negative space and that the text is spaced accordingly. Patients are hoping for a sleek and professional site that looks a certain way on both desktop and mobile. The landing page must have a responsive design and be optimized for mobile if you are taking lead conversion seriously.

5) Strong Call to Action

Last but not least, your dental landing page must have a strong call to action (CTA). This means, it’s 100% clear to the visitor what needs to be done. Whether it’s “Call Now” or “Click To Schedule,” your landing page has to have wording that requires the visitor to take action.

There is definitely a psychology to the whole CTA aspect, which is why it’s ideal to work with specialists who live and breathe online marketing. However, it’s not to say you can’t do it yourself, though be prepared to read up on it extensively. 

Outsourcing landing pages to the experts 

These are just the basics that go into marketing dental services through a specialized landing page. In fact, there are many other intricacies that go into it, such as understanding the buyer persona, performing market research, and much more.

While you and your dental practice might be popular in your local area, there’s always room for more patient acquisition and higher conversion rates.

To learn more about landing pages that convert and attract more new patients, speak directly to the experts at Conversion Whale. They’ve been helping dentists across the nation market their services to a targeted audience with high results. Visit

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