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How Your Dental Practice Can Deliver Exceptional Online Customer Service

When you provide excellent online customer service, it makes patients feel special each time they virtually interact with your dental practice. That’s why maintaining your online presence and assisting patients through digital means is just as important as it is in person.

online customer serviceExceeding patient expectations motivates them to come back and refer your practice to others. And, positive word-of-mouth goes a long way when it comes to building your brand image (so don’t discount it). 

To add to that, it reduces the potential for complaints to arise, helps you stay informed on your patients’ progress, and demonstrates your commitment to provide top-of-the-line care.

Hence, listed below are three helpful tips as well as an analytics tool that can help your dental practice offer unmatched online customer service.

3 Tips to Ensure Your Dental Practice Provides Topnotch Online Customer Service

1) Hire a Virtual Receptionist

In order to provide excellent customer service, patients need to reach you in a timely manner. Open access gives patients many channels to contact you, for example, email, live chat, text messaging, and social media.

To help you with answering after-hour calls, employ a virtual receptionist. Customize this answering service to handle calls, take messages, and give non-clinical information. They can also forward calls in case of an emergency or a special situation.

2) Follow Up With Patients and Practice Proper Etiquette 

Proper customer service etiquette creates a great first impression when patients interact with your practice. Arrange educational training programs to enhance your team’s efficiency to help them deliver outstanding online customer service.

After difficult or complex procedures, it’s essential to follow up with patients. You can either call them directly (be sure to personalize each call so they feel like you care about their well-being), or use an automated service which schedules a follow-up text about a week later. 

3) Actively Manage and Maintain Your Online Reputation

Most new patients search for reviews online before visiting a dental practice. Therefore, it’s essential to manage your online reputation using strategies such as: a) maintaining an informative, fast-loading, user-friendly website, b) resolving customer complaints in the shortest time possible, and c) asking patients to leave reviews about your practice online.

With reviews, you can request your patients to rate your services and indicate areas that you can improve. Use a simple, quick online survey at check-out to collect and analyze your service feedback. Then, group it based on the category you intend to monitor and improve on.

Measure Customer Service Metrics Using a CRM System

CRM systems centralize the interactions with your customers by tracking queries and complaints. This keeps the entire personnel team aware of any critical issues, making it easier to address them.

The key areas to pay attention to are:

  • Response time – It helps you to gain insight into how fast you address customer queries.
  • Resolution time – This helps track how fast your support team can provide a practical solution and close the chat.
  • The number of issues resolved – It shows the total number of issues resolved successfully out of all the chats responded to.

CRM systems provide a platform for team members to exchange ideas and information to improve customer experience. Evaluating the right customer service KPIs and metrics helps you to:

  • Understand your business performance
  • Evaluate team productivity
  • Boost customer retention 
  • Understand the changing trends and plan the online customer service strategies accordingly

Based on this evaluation, you can put tools and strategies in place to improve your online customer service. 

Dental Website Management and Patient-Centric Solutions                           

Your dental website is just as important as your physical office!

Truth is, if you have not put the time into building a patient-centric website with online solutions to better serve your patient base, then your dental website isn’t going to attract enough patients. 

The experts at Conversion Whale have been helping dentists across the nation strengthen their online customer service strategy and build a solid network full of loyal patients.   

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