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Dental Text Messages and SMS Marketing

Optimizing Your Dental Practice’s Digital Marketing Toolkit

Dental text messages or SMS (short message service) are one of the most efficient ways to reach patients. In today’s era, people are hardly ever without their phones.  

dental text messages

Surveys show that 89% of people always have their smartphones accessible. Also, 82% of texts are read within the first five minutes. 

How can that be related to improving your dental practice’s digital marketing toolkit

Well, in order to have a successful dental practice, you must get a sufficient amount of patient conversions and have an excellent business strategy. Most of all, engaging with patients is key.

And, often underutilized at dental practices, are the power of text messages. So, below are five tips to engage with patients through dental text messages and dental SMS marketing.

5 tips to use dental text messages effectively

1) Remind patients of dental appointments 

Patients often forget about their dental appointments, especially if it was made months in advance. Sending periodic reminders to them via SMS is not only affordable, but it reduces the chances of missed appointments. By the way, it’s best to make this a two-way texting channel so they can respond or even cancel the appointment. 

2) Communicate important practice-related information 

The fastest ways to lose a client is to disappoint them. Therefore, having the foresight to let patients know of any important changes or new policies makes all the difference. In fact, this especially applies to current times with COVID-19 preparedness. A simple text message to convey that you take patients’ health seriously and are following CDC guidelines to ensure their safety helps tremendously. 

3) Ask for patient reviews

Statistics show that 64% of people prefer texting over voice calls especially when it comes to customer service related inquiries. For that reason, it’s best to communicate and engage with patients through the medium they prefer. To that point, once a patient finishes their appointment, you can send them a text message requesting a review. Just make sure to add a clickable link to your review site of choice

4) Send after-care instructions and use SMS for emergencies  

Do you have tips or instructions that could help patients after a procedure or just some oral care tips? Send them via SMS, preferably personalized ones. Additionally, some dentists allow patients to send them text messages regarding emergencies, inquiries, or complaints. This creates an open channel of communication and is an invaluable tactic for patient care and retention. 

5) Follow texting guidelines and get patient consent 

Guess what? There are rules and regulations to dental SMS marketing just like anything else. In order to have an effective SMS marketing plan, you must have prior consent to send dental text messages. Otherwise, your practice may incur liability and penalties. Specifically, under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) upheld by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Best practices for dental SMS marketing 

If you decide to leverage dental text messages as part of your digital marketing toolkit, then you should come up with a strategic campaign. With that said, below are four tips to keep in mind.

First, be creative with the messaging and only add the necessary information. In addition to that, there’s a limit of 160 characters per SMS message, so be mindful of that.

Second, always include a call to action in your text message. For example, if you want them to call the office, then include the phone number. Or, if you want them to schedule a follow up appointment, add a Calendly link. 

Third, and perhaps most important, don’t bombard patients with too many texts, especially for special dental offers. You’ll only end up annoying them and may risk losing their business. 

And fourth, keep track of your SMS marketing analytics. Monitor your analytics and its engagement. Then, use those numbers as a benchmark to improve your campaign. 

How to optimize your dental practice’s digital marketing toolkit

These days, dentistry is more than just being a great dentist. It’s about your digital marketing efforts as well. 

One of the most effective ways to optimize your practice’s digital marketing toolkit is by sending out dental text messages. Utilizing dental SMS marketing as part of your business strategy often produces optimal results.

By following the tips and best practices outlined in this article, it will help you develop a strong SMS campaign. 

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