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Dental Marketing Tips for Special Offers at Your Practice

The right dental marketing tips can increase conversions and production. At the moment, companies all over the world are trying to figure out how to encourage customers to come through their doors or visit their website to convert them. 

dental marketing tips

Many organizations and marketing specialists know that consumers love time-sensitive “special offers” because it feels like an opportunity to snatch up a good deal. 

This is a practice that is common across all industries, whether you operate a restaurant or a tech startup or even a dental practice.

Since there’s a lot of competition among dental practices, it’s no surprise that many of them often market special offers. The real question is, how does a dental practice market this offer successfully? 

To that question, below are three essential dental marketing tips for special offers to be mindful of. 

Top 3 marketing tips for dental offers

Present an unbeatable offer

When it comes down to it, everyone is looking for a deal. This might require some focused thinking, but you need to figure out what procedures and treatments most patients are searching for in your area. You should start by assessing the top most profitable dental services at your practice. 

Once you’ve figured out what works best at your practice, the next step is to think about deals to offer. Keep in mind, you can present a buy one get one free special (if your profit margins allow), a percentage off, or even a two for one special where you can entice current patients to bring in a new patient.

Whatever you decide, make sure your special is methodical. You don’t want to attract the wrong type of customer who is only seeking free or cheap services and then never returns. Therefore, when it comes to special offers, I highly recommend you stay away from Groupon.

Include a deadline 

There’s a reason why special offers are called “special.” It’s because there is some aspect about the offer that is unique and perhaps even unbeatable. A true special offer has a specific deadline associated with it and is only available only for a limited time. Time and time again, this strategy has been proven to be effective. 

In addition to that, dental practices are a bit more unique in comparison to other service-based businesses. To that point, you might want to consider a special offer that lasts for a week or two, as opposed to a few days. 

The right time-limited incentive can help customers get excited about a particular offer, and help the offer remain in their minds. This time frame can give families and professionals time to inquire about the offer and set up an appointment when they aren’t busy. 

Market on all platforms available         

Now, when it comes down to sharing your offer, one of the most important dental marketing tips to remember is to market your special offer everywhere. For instance, you should utilize all of your social media platforms, and even leverage your Google My Business (GMB) page.

Your GMB page is great especially when local patients are performing a search for dentists in their area. Additionally, you could also run Facebook ads to target patients on that platform. Given its popularity, Facebook is a great marketing tool for dentists and dental practices.

Another idea you might want to consider is partnering with local influencers to get the word out. These days, influencers have a huge impact on people’s decision to buy. Last but not least, you must share these specials on your dental website as well as email marketing campaigns (and don’t forget direct mail marketing which is known for its effectiveness).

Special offers can increase revenue at your dental practice

Putting some thought into the right discounts and their deadlines can be a fantastic marketing tool. In fact, you may find that it increases the revenue at your dental practice considerably if promoted correctly.

The experts at Conversion Whale have been helping dentists across the nation do just this for several years now. Knowing all the ins and outs of dental marketing, Conversion Whale on average drives at least 225 unique visitors to dentist’s websites and landing pages per month. 

To add to that, their most successful marketing campaigns gain in excess of 500 unique visitors. Plus, that does not even include the success of their direct mail marketing campaigns.

Now, if your dental practice is quite reputable and has a large following on social media, you should think about leveraging those platforms to your advantage. 

Additionally, you can continue to build your social media following by sharing special offers, which can lead to more patient conversions and increase your revenue.

To learn more about dental marketing tips for special offers, and other ingenious ways to increase your revenue, visit

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