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Dental Google Ads: Why You Should Bid on “Emergency” Keywords

When it comes to dental Google ads, what keywords do you bid on and do you have a strategy? Believe it or not, lots of inexperienced dental practices just wing it, and that’s the worst way to go about it.

dental Google ads

Truth is, online search is one of the most common ways people find which doctors to visit. Data shows, people are searching more through their mobile phones than desktops.

That’s why, if you want to attract the right patient, your dental marketing strategy must be carefully planned out. In fact, it should incorporate both organic search and paid search to produce qualified leads.  

One paid search option is Google Ads. It lets advertisers bid on keywords that relate to brief advertisements of their products or offerings.

It’s an effective way to get qualified leads in a quantifiable way. Especially because dental Google ads are then placed on the results page of search engines, videos, and mobile apps. 

Consequently, while most dental practices bid on generic dental keywords, there is a lack of focus on dental “emergency” keywords.

Why you should bid on dental “emergency” keywords

Dentists who utilize Google Ads have a unique opportunity to find patients that are looking for dental care. However, what keywords are you going to bid for? 

Part of your marketing strategy must include the list of keywords that relate best to your business. The other part should include a list of dental “emergency” keywords.

Let’s face it, a big part of dentistry is dealing with patients who have a dental emergency of some sort. 

So, why not attract those patients in your area who might have an emergency by showing you offer solutions to problems that need to be addressed immediately?

When someone searches, “emergency root canal” or “emergency tooth extraction,” it’s clear that they need immediate care. Shouldn’t they be directed to your dental practice?

In order to figure out the best emergency keywords to bid for, you have to assess which emergency procedures you perform most often. 

Once you have your list of dental emergency keywords, you can integrate it into your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. 

And while your audience isn’t large, you are specifically targeting those with intent. Plus, the cost per click tends to be less expensive than generic medical or dental keywords.

This strategy has another advantage, once an individual finds you through your dental Google ads and seeks emergency dental care, they often become a patient for life. 

Developing a marketing strategy for your dental Google ads

Digital marketing is an effective way of attracting new dental patients. That’s why for competitive industries like dentistry, it’s always useful to explore PPC advertising to drive qualified leads, especially on Google Ads. 

While the platform is accessible to anyone, I strongly suggest working with seasoned professionals who specialize in launching dental ads from start to finish. 

The dental marketing experts at Conversion Whale know how to set up successful Google Ad campaigns and can help you with developing a strategy that produces a good return on investment. To learn more, visit

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