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Creative Dental Scheduling Solutions and Their Benefits

Did you know that creative dental scheduling solutions can lead to a significant increase in new patient appointments? Plus, the other benefit is that these solutions help to improve your reappointment rate. And, with a rise in patient appointments, comes a rise in practice production.

dental scheduling                                                       

One of the biggest developments of tech in healthcare has been around customer engagement, and using digital tools to better facilitate information and coordination.

For example, according to Accenture, 68 percent of patients in 2019 preferred going to healthcare providers that offered solutions to schedule and cancel appointments online.

The digital age we currently live in, leaves no industry behind. Fortunately, the dental industry has been very receptive toward the benefits of AI in dentistry, SMART technology, as well as other innovations. 

By embracing new technologies, dental practices have been able to adapt to current times and  improve business.

Speaking to creating efficiencies, one of the most important aspects of day to day business at a dental practice is scheduling appointments.  

Therefore, it’s critical to the success of your dental practice to explore creative dental scheduling solutions. To begin, let’s review five reasons why your practice must offer these types of scheduling solutions.  

4 reasons to consider creative dental scheduling solutions 

1) Likely to improve call times

In any medical environment, time is a precious commodity, and not just in the operating chair. Administrative tasks like setting up appointments over the phone can be time consuming. Luckily, dental scheduling solutions that are often overlooked help to streamline the appointment process. Often freeing up essential time for administrators to focus on other pressing tasks.

2) Potential to reduce no-shows

Many researchers have studied the psychology and logistics behind reducing no-shows and their findings point to digital self-scheduling solutions. The theory is, patients who can remotely schedule their own appointments are less likely to skip them, especially with auxiliary options like printing schedules and automatic reminders available. 

3) Easily accessible to patients

One of the most glaring benefits of creative dental scheduling solutions is that they’re easily accessible to patients. This greatly reduces the work on both parties, and allows patients to more comfortably fit their appointments around their own busy lives. Convenience shouldn’t be underestimated, especially when it gives you time to focus on what your practice does best.    

4) Opportunity for data collection

Data collection and analysis over the phone can be inefficient at the best of times and inaccurate at the worst of times. However, creative dental scheduling solutions provide dental practices with an opportunity to gather more information about scheduling patterns and make improvements that positively impact the bottom line. 

Work with the experts to creatively schedule patients 

If there’s one, definitive lesson 2020 taught everyone, I’d say it’s to think outside the box. So, if you continue to repeat your current pattern for scheduling patients, then you’ll never see the type of results you’re hoping for. 

Believe it or not, there were many dental practices across the nation that thrived during the pandemic. While they may have experienced ebbs and flows simply navigating through unknown terrain, they still found a way to profit from reappointments and new patient acquisition.      

Many of these dental practices partnered with Conversion Whale, the leaders in dental marketing, to come up with creative ways to schedule patient appointments. To learn more, visit or fill out the form below.  


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