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Using Call Analysis to Improve Conversion Rates at Your Dental Practice

Call analysis is a tool that many dental practices don’t take advantage of. Truth is, there are many different ways to improve conversion rates at your dental practice.  

call analysis

However, many of these ways require a significant amount of time, effort, and money.

Some dental practices might focus on updating their website or featuring different dental practice videos to help with engagement and credibility.  

Many of the most successful dental practices use an incredible method to improve conversion rates, and that is call analysis.

Its purpose is to analyze your calls and determine how conversion rates can be improved. 

The great thing about call analysis is that your dental practice can also find out more about consumers, data, and demographics. Here are some reasons to consider call analysis at your dental practice.

Using call analysis at your dental practice 

Audit Incoming Calls

Some dentists and DSOs might be wondering why it isn’t time to focus on digital marketing techniques. 

Truth is, your dental practice should have strategies in place for your website and social media marketing.

While website leads can be an incredible source of revenue for dental practices and should also be of focus, the fact is that phone calls convert around 10 to 15 times better than web leads. 

Additionally, since a big part of owning a dental practice is about converting new patients, many of those opportunities arise because of calls. 

Therefore, call analysis can be quite useful, especially for local marketing strategies.

Understand ROI Better

Every dental practice has to find a way to market themselves, and there are many different ways that this can happen. 

Some dental practices might turn to local Facebook ads to market their practice, while other practices might focus more on sponsoring community events. 

With call tracking, there are unique phone numbers used for specific marketing channels and advertisement campaigns. Calls placed to these numbers get tracked and are able to provide useful insight into perfecting your business model.

In essence, call analysis helps you to figure out which advertising and marketing strategies are leading to more inbound calls. 

As a result, you can revise and revamp your strategy depending on what’s working best.

Front Office Fine Tuning 

Your front office is supposed to handle calls and offer more information about an appointment. 

Let’s say that one individual in the front office seems to be setting up more appointments than the rest, or simply staying on the phone longer than other employees. 

Call analysis could be used to analyze these calls and figure out why they are “closing” more, or if their pitch needs improvement.

Once this is understood, you can train the rest of your front office to replicate these techniques and strategies. 

Ultimately, this leads to higher conversion rates, which equates to an increase in production.

Speak to the experts 

Call analysis can be crucial to small businesses of all kinds, especially businesses such as dental practices since they rely on converting callers into new patients.

While it can be challenging to figure out the true return on investment (ROI) of a marketing channel that doesn’t offer tracking capabilities, call analysis is quite the opposite.

Since the whole premise of call analysis is accumulating data about incoming calls, determining the ROI is a vital aspect of this tool.

In fact, the experts at Conversion Whale have been utilizing call analysis for years. The ROI that their dentists are receiving is helping to grow their practices and convert new patients time and time again.

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