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Best Dental Websites & How to Create Credibility

The best dental websites always have several key traits in common. However, the main underlying premise is their credibility.

best dental websites

Your dental practice’s website is quite possibly the first place prospective patients go to for information about you (the dentist) and the customer service rendered at your practice. 

If your website appears antiquated or contains unclear or misleading information, you can rest assured they’re going to take their business elsewhere. 

Therefore, it’s imperative to optimize your dental website by creating credibility from the start. Here are six great tips on how to achieve that. 

Top 6 traits to add credibility to your website

1) A beautifully-designed website 

Create a visually appealing, informative, and accessible website. So far in 2020, mobile devices have generated 51.53% of global website traffic.

Chances are potential clients will check out the website on their mobile phone, so it’s crucial to build a responsive, mobile-friendly website. 

2) Pertinent practice information is listed and easy to read

Your practice’s website home page should list all the most pertinent information about your business. Additionally, you should have other pages such as a detailed “About Us” page with bios on you and your team.

Insert a “Services” page describing what dental services you offer, a FAQ section, blog, and your contact information which includes the office number, email, and physical address.  

3) Quality content posted to a blog

A dental website isn’t meant to look like a boring PDF file. You should definitely have a blog post section and regularly update it.

The blog should include top-notch, SEO optimized, educational articles on oral health. Plus, you should post original photos and videos on the website as well so visitors can get a sense of who you are. 

4) Accomplishments and awards are showcased

People want to feel like they’re in the safest hands possible. Showcase awards, certifications, and positive media mentions about you and your practice.

You should also highlight affiliations you have with professional associations. The best way to do this is to either list it at the bottom of your home page or create a specific page for “Accomplishments.” 

5) Patient testimonials are visible and accessible

An expert review is great, however, it’s more likely that patients will regard the heartfelt reviews of other patients more. Let them talk about how great your service is, and be sure to live up to those testimonials.

You can highlight this feedback either by writing it out on your home page, adding patient testimonial videos to your homepage, and dedicating a separate page on the site for “Testimonials.”

6) The website follows IT security best practices

You should take the appropriate measures of adding security to your website. Encrypt and protect your dental website with a firewall and make sure to use an HTTPS server.

In addition to that, adding a login page for existing patients with password requirements creates a sense of authentication and adds an extra level of security. 

Credible dental websites enhance patient acquisition

Having a great website is not just a bonus for your business, it might just be what makes or breaks it. The best dental websites have these six aspects in common.

Use the tips above to bring as much credibility to your dental website as you can, eventually, your patients will get the drill (no pun intended).

Whether you decide to employ the services of a professional web developer or pass off the task to a friend, relative, or employee with sufficient knowledge in designing dental websites, make sure to check off these boxes as soon as possible.

To learn more about optimizing your website and ranking it among the best dental websites on the world wide web, visit and speak directly to the experts.

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