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SEO for Dentists: Top 3 Trends for Dental Practices

SEO for dentists, or search engine optimization, is still a necessity when it comes to marketing dental practices. Unlike in the past, patients don’t call up their friends and family members to enquire about dentists. 

SEO for dentists

Now, they go online first to search about the dental practice and read the reviews left by its patients. Truth is, word of mouth has gone digital. The old-fashioned method of solely relying on patient feedback to grow your dental practice can’t be relied upon in this digital age. 

In fact, what’s needed is a digital-first marketing approach with a clear understanding of the importance of SEO for dentists and dental practices. 

It’s also important to understand that competition between dental practices is a localized affair where online reputations disproportionately influence brand equity. One of the key aspects of maintaining a favorable online reputation is making the most of local trends in SEO for dental practices.

Therefore, I’ve put together the top three local SEO trends for dental practices.

Top 3 local SEO trends for dentists and dental practices

Google My Business

The first and the easiest step in optimizing SEO for dentists is to claim your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Once claimed, make sure that your contact information is the same as on your website and social media platforms. 

Then, add enough images and preferably a video of the facility to increase credibility. Describe your practice, its specializations, working hours, and the precise location. 

Also, make sure to add your listing to all other online directories, especially related to your specialty, with the same information. To view some of those top directories, read the interview of Conversion Whale’s founder to find out how to attract new dental patients for free

Featured Snippets on Google

These are the search results that come in the form of a paragraph or list showcased on top of Google’s organic results. Typically, it’s presented in a box just beneath the ads. 

Featured Snippets are becoming the ultimate prize in search engine optimization. Usually in the form of answers to questions, these are highly valued for their visibility and credibility. 

To add to that, in order to get featured as a snippet, dental practices should redesign their content from a consumer’s point of view and reorient it to answer potential questions. Headlines and subheads should be written from this objective.

Website Traffic

Getting ranked high on Google and other search engines is a function of your dental practice’s credibility and trustworthiness. Having a blog, full of educational articles is the best way to achieve this.

The content on your site should have backlinks to authoritative sites. Plus, content should be relevant to the concerns patients are likely to have. 

Shorten URLs and ensure that all the links are functional. Most importantly, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. In fact, more than 60% of online Google searches are performed using mobile devices.

Dental practices must optimize for online searches

At the end of the day, dental practices are businesses. And, just like any other marketplace of operating businesses, dentistry is becoming a highly competitive field. 

With a systematic approach to optimizing local SEO for dentists, dental practices can ensure that their marketing efforts pay rich dividends, and thus outsmart the competition. 

To learn how to outsmart your local competition, visit www.conversionwhale.com and speak to the marketing geniuses who’ve taken dental marketing by storm for the past several years.

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