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Dental SEO Keyword Research Tools and Best Practices

Having a dental SEO keyword strategy is vital to the success of your practice. Fact is, online search is where all the action is. 

dental SEO

Plus, as more and more people are searching online for healthcare solutions, SEO for dentists is of the utmost importance in dental marketing. Close to 70 percent of all online engagements start through search engines. 

And, not only should you and your dental practice appear in online searches, but your information should be found on the first page itself. 

Truth is, less than 0.8 percent of users click on any result on the second page of searches. 

More importantly, SEO can direct localized traffic to your dental practice, and convert online visitors to actual patients. 

In fact, around 76 percent of all consumers who search for local establishments through their smartphones decide to visit the facility within 24 hours. 

To start out on the right foot, listed below are three SEO best practices for dentists, and five free keyword research tools to help you perfect your strategy.

SEO best practices for dentists

Choose the right keywords

Make sure that your keywords are specific and relevant. Searchers don’t need to include their location for Google to deliver localized results. 

Therefore, if you are an orthodontist, you should mention orthodontist, plus your location. 

Additionally, you should consistently take advantage of keyword research tools like Cognitive SEO, or SEMrush to judge the quality of your keywords.

Know the intent of target keywords 

In real life, people will be searching with intent and in a specific context. Some could be transactional (“Where to find an orthodontist in Miami”). 

Some searches will be commercially worded to find the optimum choice (“The best dentists in lower Manhattan”). 

And some will be informational (“How to get root canal done”). In SEO for dentists, make sure that you take into account the intent of the keywords. 

Optimize for localized search

People want to access healthcare providers close to where they live or work. 

Local SEO runs on consistent, accurate, and up-to-date information. This means you have to create and make full use of your Google My Business page

To add to that, make sure that you create local listings on all other platforms too, like Facebook, Yelp, RateMDs, etc.  

Top 5 free dental SEO keyword research tools

In order to establish authority, you must create content that shows your expertise and experience. 

Your content should be tailored to answer people’s queries, like the ones mentioned above.

Plus, you should frequently publish content in your field of study, linking to respected sites. 

In addition to that, make sure that your content uses a combination of text, images, and video.

To cross promote, share your search engine optimized content on social media to get more online visitors.

Then, to figure out the best keywords to use on your blogs and dental website, turn to these top five dental SEO keyword research tools.

  1. Answer the Public
  2. Keyword Generator
  3. Keyword Sheeter
  4. Keyword Surfer
  5. Keyworddit

Optimizing your dental website and online listings with SEO keywords

You must have a dental SEO strategy in place in order to effectively attract potential patients online. 

Included in this strategy must be a list of top-ranking dental keywords that’ll attract online viewers.

By utilizing one or all of the keyword research tools listed above, you’ll be able to refine your dental keywords based on their reach. 

Encompassed in this plan must be keywords for your dental website, blog articles, Google My Business page, and any messaging you post to social media sites.

While it takes time to put together an effective SEO strategy, the results are well worth it.

Also keep in mind that keywords change over time, so it’s a strategy that must be reassessed and refined at least every quarter.  

Most importantly, if you don’t have the time to invest in a solid SEO strategy, then reach out to the experts in dental marketing, Conversion Whale. Visit www.conversionwhale.com or fill out the form below to begin your journey to SEO success today. 

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