Is your dental practice tracking call-ins?

In a recent campaign we ran for a dental practice, in downtown Atlanta Georgia, we noticed something strange; 50% of the call-ins were not answered. You read that correctly – 50% of all calls were not picked up!

As you can imagine…The doctor was not happy at all that his staff was missing so many call-ins. This happens a lot in many practices, so no matter how well trained your staff might be, it is very difficult to answer 100% of all the calls.

We were able to help this doctor and put systems in place to handle high call volumes. One of the most important things we addressed was helping the doctor install a system that would allow him to record and keep track of all the call-ins while gathering useful data.

Call Tracking is able to gather a large amount of important data that can be very helpful to your practice. This can help optimize performance and help your business grow. Some of the most important measurements that you can access, through this system, are:

–          Number of calls: This allows the doctor to have a detailed report on the volume of calls that are received as well as the duration of each call.

–          Staff Performance: Recording all calls and being able to listen in will allow the doctor to evaluate the performance of the staff and make sure the highest volume of calls are being answered. It is also helpful to identify the different training needs of your staff and to ensure that the costumers are receiving the highest quality of service.

–          Detailed Reports: By having access to monthly detailed reports, it allows the practice to have a better idea of where the calls are coming from, when and at what time. It also allows access to every campaign and gives an insight to the monthly performance and marketing research leads.

–          Conversions: Call Tracking is also able to track the number of conversions that are achieved from each campaign to get a better understanding on marketing and other types of data.

Tracking call-in data is very important to any lead generation campaign. In today’s environment 60% of local site traffic is mobile. Our data shows that mobile traffic has a higher chance of converting into call-in leads compared to desktops, laptops or tablets.

Smartphones and other mobile devices, now offer click to call services which has made it easier for consumers to access different services and also has allowed businesses to track down details from each call in order to increase the number of leads.

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