How to Enhance Your Waiting Room Experience

How to Enhance Your Waiting Room Experience

Why You Should Keep Your Patients Active in Your Waiting Room

It’s rude to keep people waiting – according to Becker’s Hospital Review, the shortest average wait time for patients at dentist offices rounds out to 13 minutes and 31 seconds. While each dental office wait time varies depending on the client base and time of day, those 13 minutes can create discomfort for patients if your waiting room doesn’t have the best amenities.

Many patients view their waiting time as time wasted even if it is only 13 minutes. Parents taking their children to the dentist have an even stronger feeling about their time as they are waiting the entire visit. By keeping your waiting room functional, your patients and patient’s parents won’t dread visiting your office.

Offer Wi-Fi

Because accessible Wi-Fi is seen as an expectation rather than an amenity, you may understand the inconvenience a patient may experience if your dentist office fails to offer internet connection. Many people must take breaks from work to make their appointments. Free Wi-Fi can help them stay connected and on schedule while they are away.

Offering a few desk-tops in your waiting room can add convenience to those who don’t want to lug around a laptop or decrease their smart phone’s battery. Your patients will be appreciative of the added features and might rave about it to their friends and colleagues. Convenience is a popular trend and might even bring in more business.

Make the Room Comfortable

Sitting next to a stranger while waiting for someone to inspect your mouth, isn’t an ideal afternoon for anyone. Add uncomfortable chairs to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. By making your waiting room comfortable, your patients can relax before their appointment. Serving drinks such as coffee, tea, or water will keep your patients busy during their wait times.

Eliminate an uncomfortable and awkward waiting room by offering areas that feature entertaining and interactive games for individuals with children. A 13 minute wait can be quite uncomfortable for your patients if they are left to stare at the walls or each other for that matter.

Provide Estimated Wait Times

Waiting is never fun. By keeping your patients in the loop about their expected wait times, you may find them at ease. Offering a television screen that breaks down the current and upcoming appointments may relieve some stress. Allowing patients the option of receiving text messages that inform them on their wait time can also help them plan out their day.

Your patients will have the ability to keep their days on schedule with this information. Don’t keep your patients waiting aimlessly. Keep the communication lines open with your guests to build a trusting and loyal bond.

Putting some extra thought into your waiting room can improve your patient’s entire experience with your practice. If you are interested in making your dentist office more appealing to your guests, check out our blog for more helpful tips!

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