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Top 5 Most Effective Dental Direct Mail Marketing Strategies

Dental direct mail marketing isn’t dead after all. According to marketing whiz Neil Patel, this marketing strategy comes in third after email and social media marketing with a 29% return on investment (ROI).         

dental direct mail

Ready to put a big, white, toothy grin on your patients’ face while smiling on your way to the bank? Then, place it on a postcard and send it out in the mail. Direct mail marketing is still very relevant and a must for dental practices wanting to acquire new patients.

However, in order to effectively attract more new patients, you must have an exceptional digital marketing strategy.  

Here are five of the most effective dental direct mail marketing strategies to help you run a successful dental practice.

Mailer marketing strategies for dentists

1) Use a brilliant design for the postcard 

A person with a blinding smile on a postcard should get people to give it more than just a cursory glance. Here’s the trick though, you must be strategic about what images you use. Stay away from generic stock images, chances are, your competitors are using those too. Additionally, if you are advertising dental implants, use a photo of someone more likely to need dental implants and not a young adult. 

2) Keep it clean, concise and informative 

Try as much as possible to avoid using dental jargon like “orthognathic surgery and orthodontic treatment,” because potential patients will move on if they don’t understand the terminology. In addition to that, add a bold call to action with a great offer. People jump at the chance for free incentives or discounted offers, for instance 50% off or even one free procedure should get people to reach out.

3) Include your contact information

Don’t direct recipients to your dental website or ask them to take unnecessary steps. Instead of saying, “Visit our website for contact information and more,” just put everything they need right on the card. Also, consider putting a little information about yourself as it makes the mailer more personable. Plus, add a professional picture of yourself so patients know who they’ll be meeting. 

4) Send it to the right people 

Targeted marketing has a higher success rate than sending out direct mail to random people. Perform a demographic analysis before sending out these mailers to make sure they would be an ideal patient. Also, it’s important to ensure the people you mail your postcard to are close to your location, because having to make a long journey for a dentist appointment could turn them off.

5) Track your performance 

With dental direct mail marketing, you can track your performance metrics to fine tune your advertising endeavors. Consider adding a call tracking number on your postcards. You can use this number to monitor the success of this direct mail marketing campaign. Though, it’s highly recommended to get a team of marketing professionals to help you with this. 

Direct mail marketing is a must for dental practices

While these top five strategies might seem like no brainers, you’ll be surprised how many dental mailers lack the appropriate information. Including an optimized call to action that attracts new patients. 

However, if you implement the above tips, your dental practice should observe a spike in new patient acquisition as well as consistent growth (depending on the frequency of your mailers).

To learn more about dental direct mail marketing, speak to the experts at Conversion Whale directly. They’ve helped dentists across the country for several years, aiding in higher conversion rates and production growth. Visit

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