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The Most Effective Types of Direct Mail Marketing in Dentistry

Have you ever wondered what the most effective types of direct mail marketing are in dentistry? In today’s era you’re thinking, why send mail when you can send emails and run digital ads online?     

types of direct mail Well because direct mail has an open rate of 80% to 90%, whereas email has an open rate of only 20% to 30%.

According to USPS, 82% of millennials trust messages in print advertisements more than digital advertisements. Plus, a UK study shows 48% of those surveyed, keep direct mail to refer to it in the future.  

Therefore, when done the right way, at the right time and targeting the right people, direct mail marketing can produce a favorable return for dental practices. In fact, it’s effective enough to be the source of 52.7% of the national marketing budget.

That should tell you something: direct mail is powerful enough to help you attract and retain dental patients for years to come.

On that note, let’s explore four types of direct mail formats that are known to produce successful outcomes in dentistry.           

4 types of direct mail formats that attract and retain dental patients

1) New Mover Postcards      

Through direct mail marketing, you can target “new movers,” people who just moved into the area. An effective way of ensuring your message gets seen, postcards get seen directly by people who are searching for local healthcare practitioners, such as dentists. 

2) Specialty Brochures 

Brochures that highlight your specialty, or procedures and treatments you’re known for, are a great way to show current and potential patients what makes you stand apart from other dentists in the area.                   

3) Announcement Flyers

Is there something neat taking place at your dental practice? Perhaps you have purchased new, revolutionary equipment, or are hosting an open house. Tell your target audience about it by sending a single-sided or double-sided flyer.      

4) Birthday Mailers

A great way to reduce attrition rates and gain patient trust with your current patients is to send self-mailers on their birthday; you can even include an exclusive, special offer. Not only does it show you care, it’s something you can do with the information you already have on file. 

Work with the experts in dental marketing 

Direct mail marketing is a must if you’re a practicing dentist. The four types of direct mail formats suggested in this article are great ways to connect emotionally with your target audience, in this case, dental patients.

Plus, all these types of direct mail formats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When you work with experts who specialize in dental marketing, they’ll be able to guide on which sizes have higher success rates.

For instance, research shows that oversized postcards are seen immediately, as opposed to smaller-sized postcards. 

While direct mail marketing can be an intimidating and daunting endeavor, just know it works in your favor. 

To bypass the stress of having your front desk team assist with mailers, work with the experts in dental marketing to solidify and execute a strategy that works for you. Fill out the form below, or visit to learn more.  

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