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Targeted Direct Mail Themes that Increase Practice Production

Sending the right message at the right time influences prospects and increases patients, which is a good reason to consider targeted direct mail themes for reach and conversion campaigns. Cost-efficient to produce, consistent, targeted mail is effective in driving up to 50% higher response rates, which is measurable and trackable.

What is a targeted mail theme?

One-to-one, targeted marketing is made up of personalized, printed mailers designed around a theme that is relevant to a particular audience. Patients who receive mailers can be selected based on their demographics, geographic or lifestyle attributes and are served specific messaging that is related to their dental care.

An average of 80 million pieces of direct mail are sent each year, which makes themed, targeted mail unique, memorable and able to stand out amongst the millions of mailers viewed. To optimize campaign performance and reach patients, meet business goals, and deliver quality prospects, a theme should include tailored messaging whether it’s promoting dental plan benefits such as renewals, or accomplishments, like graduation. 

With an established  61% effectiveness, direct mail containing themes built around value and interests are more likely to result in a successful response. 

Why use direct mail themes for targeting

Targeted direct mail is the choice for most dentists because it increases production in the practice, quickly. Its low adspend costs, targeting capabilities, and response tracking ensure that marketing remains affordable, flowing regularly, and it’s effective. It also plays a vital role in:

  1. Reinforcing relationships with patients and creates a sense of value.
  2. Less expensive than digital or broadcast technology.
  3. Converts prospects in less time than traditional media.
  4. Drives up to 29% Return On Investment (ROI) 
  5. It requires fewer resources to get results.
  6. Keeps out-going costs minimal. 
  7. Focuses services on what the practice’s patients need and want.
  8. Patients become dental brand ambassadors based on personalized experience from direct mail.

How to plan a targeted direct mail theme campaign

  • Create a goal

Consider what it is your practice needs to achieve from targeting a specific audience with a theme. The outcome results from your goal, so think about what you must test for your success, such as brand awareness, reach, or conversions for retargeting.

  • Type of mail

There are many types of mailers available for targeted themes. From catalogs, letters, and postcards, to self-mailers or newsletters. At Conversion Whale, the most responsive type for dentists is a postcard. In fact, studies report that postcards generate 4.25% response rates.

  • Theme 

In dental marketing, choosing a theme based on practice services like check-ups, a specialty service such as cosmetic dentistry or combining an offer for new patients with a cleaning often prompts patients to take action. A good example of an effective postcard mailer is promoting a renewal of benefits theme at the beginning of the year.

  • Message

The message created for each category for targeting should be appropriate and relevant for it to fill the calendar. Be specific, personal and compelling, and include messages that deliver on the goals you set for direct mail. Message strategy may want to focus on increasing production, growing patient lists, or boosting high-value services.

  • Target

Direct mail has expanded its targeting capabilities so that a dentist can reach the ideal patient, anywhere. Audience segmentation categorizes patients into mailing lists such as new movers, new parents, pet owners, or birthdays and benefits packages.

  • Track

Conversion Whale can track activations, responses, and no-action-taken by including tracking numbers, SMS codes, and pURLs on direct mailers. Data is collected in real-time through a live dashboard, giving dentists valuable insights into how each campaign is performing.

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