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New Patient Growth with Direct Mail Themes

The quickest way to reach, attract, convert prospects and boost new patient growth is with saturation direct mail themes. Not only can a theme be refreshed throughout the year to build a consistent flow of revenue; direct mail campaigns can support a multi-practice development strategy.

What is a saturation mailing theme?

Saturation mail themes promote evergreen ideas to attract new patients to a practice. Evergreen advertising contains variations of familiar concepts,  refreshed, personalized and repurposed year-after-year. Not only is mail repetition known to drive a 70% higher recall according to neuroscience research, but customization encourages as much as a 50% higher response rate. 

Even though saturation direct mail is advertising to a mass audience, ideas targeting zip codes can maintain a personal connection through a theme. Whether they are built around a particular month, season or personal health concepts, dentists who understand purpose-driven themes are most effective when mailers include relevancy and added. 

An example of a theme that is intent-driven, may be designed around the New Year. Historically, the beginning of the year is the best time to promote refreshing an oral health routine, which may lead a practice to promote a teeth cleaning or check-up. 

One important factor to keep in mind, regardless of the theme, is ensuring the idea is relevant, useful and has a purpose and call-to-action.

Why are themes effective for dentists?

Dental practice themes allow dentists to reach large audiences cost-effectively as high distribution drives prices down. Campaigns start with a minimum of 5000 pieces and can reach over 90% of a zip code. 

Marketing can also be refined to optimize impact with up to 20 demographic filters like income, pet ownership, and gender, and then categorized by different behavioral actions that develop individual themes for remarketing.  Themes bring together all the elements of a marketing strategy objective to support practice growth.

Which themes work best for practices?

Effective direct mail themes connect residents to ideas they care about. A Millward Brown study shows that direct mail that makes an emotional connection, delivers the strongest results. 

Here’s a list that leverages the emotional appeal of themes that work best for dentists.

  1. New Year: New patient specials
  2. Valentine’s Day: Getting a teeth whitening treatment 
  3. Spring: Scheduling a cleaning with a hygienist
  4. Mother’s Day: Pamper packages like cleaning and whitening
  5. Summer: Book an x-ray and check-up
  6. Back to school: Teeth straightening such as Invisalign  
  7. Fall: Oral health check-ups for the whole family
  8. Holidays: Consultations on orthodontics

How to get started

A practice that has consistently planted the idea in an area that a dentist specializes in a particular service is most likely to gain those new patients. Driving intent combined with value and repetition has proven to be most effective for 76% of dentists that choose saturation direct mail. 

To get a campaign started, themed marketing should have an expected outcome and a dentist must have a goal in mind. The only way to learn what type of theme gets the most traction in a neighborhood is with testing, optimizing, learning, and then applying insights to strengthen its performance. But, it doesn’t have to all be a shot in the dark the first time.

If the goal is to bring in new patients to fill the chair with high-value procedures, then consistently targeting routes that include families, schools and higher-income households would be ideal for mailers that, for example, advertise braces for kids.

While local audiences may not immediately take advantage of promotions, research shows that consideration is given to practices that people are most familiar with and relate to. 

Get support, contact us

Conversion Whale built reputation success on expertise in saturation direct mail theme activations. Every month, we launch half a million mailers. Our teams combine years of research, testing, and optimizing to deliver results-focused campaigns that convert.

Whether it’s targeting people who just moved into the local community, families with children, or if you want to attract patients for your newly opened practice, our experts can create a theme for your purpose. Learn more, contact us.

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