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Local Zip Take-Over: Saturation Direct Mail for Dental Practices

couple receives mail in mail box from an advertiser who activated saturation direct mail in a zip code.

What is a saturation direct mail campaign?

Saturation direct mail is a cost-effective tactic to solidify your practice within a zip code and attract new patients. Mailers saturate specific carrier routes around your practice, it is no longer necessary for a dental practice to know names or street addresses. USPS carrier routes can be handpicked to target households by income, value, names and addresses. 

 A healthy saturation direct mail campaign is simply taking over 90% of residential addresses within a 1-3 mile radius around your practice and planting tangible advertisements in every home. It’s a strategy that ensures a new practice not only has a competitive advantage but is able to quickly grow by reaching and targeting the right, new patients with competitive procedures and service specials.

Why is it so effective?

Unlike digital ads that go to one person, direct mail goes to a household. Direct mail pieces give families a reason to converse, and it has a longer lifespan. Case studies show that households retain direct mail for future reference, and when it contains offers, it can bring new patients into a practice for up to 3-6-months after the mail in-home date. The lifespan can be measured by adding a call forwarding number to identify each mailer and applying digital layers of tracking such as:

  1. A landing page, 
  2. Inbound SMS campaign, 
  3. Inbound email campaign, 
  4. An ideal audience, 
  5. A conquest targeting plan.

Conquest targeting is convincing existing patients from other local practices to come to yours by providing competitive new patient dental care offers.

How it works

Saturation Mail requires a mailing list because your mail will be addressed to a specific person. Each mail piece must be addressed and labeled with postal codes that meet USPS Saturation ECR Standards. Saturation mail campaigns are most cost-efficient when used in print in conjunction with a bulk mail service. All US mail has to be presented and cleared at a USPS Business Mail Entry Unit before it can drop-shipped to the local post office for distribution.

What makes it affordable?

The most attractive feature of saturation direct mail is that there is no size limit. Dentists can send a variety of material with no limitations, from brochures and flyers to letters and catalogs. Cost is calculated on weight so postage depends on how big or small the piece is, it’s weight and the volume of penetration in a zip code. The benefits of this low-cost, high-impact advertising is:

  • Lower costs for print for high quantities
  • Lower presorted postage rates
  • Low-cost lists purchases allow you to buy a large audience
    • Handpicked household demographic averages 
    • Adding names to your mailer is more personal and draws a connection with the dentist

How to create a responsive mail campaign

All advertising should have a goal. Whether it’s to grow a patient list, fill the calendar, leverage an existing revenue stream – it’s important to consider what needs to be achieved from a direct mail campaign. The first step in the takeover of a local area when there are competitors is to define what differentiates your practice from the other local practices. The next step is to plan the most effective direct mail approach that delivers measurable results. These campaigns could include a series of impressions such as:

  • Grand Opening/Launch Mailer – an invitation to introduce your practice staff, facility, doctor(s) and feature competitive dental care offers and unique services.
  • Value Mailer – an opportunity to share in-house dental savings plans, care credit options, and Insurance providers.
  • Reputation Mailer – a campaign that solidifies your practice by featuring online reviews and actual patient experiences.

How to use reviews to attract patients

In marketing, there is no greater advert than a review straight from a patient’s mouth.  As part of your marketing arsenal, leveraging existing patient testimonials in a direct mail campaign should be used in your conquest to win over competitor’s customers. This strategy is not only an effective tactic for attracting patients to your new practice that just opened or will be opening soon but becomes more powerful when used in combination with digital advertising campaigns. For example, reviews and testimonials from patients can appear on direct mailers and appear on the landing page of your website. 

How to focus a campaign

Today, patients have many tools to research dental care providers online before making decisions. It’s important that practices stand out. To attract new patients, a saturation direct mail campaign could focus on:

  • The dentists and supporting staff
  • Highlighting services and amenities
  • Advertise available care credit 
  • Promote dental savings plans for non-insured prospects 
  • List in-network insurance providers
  • Feature 5-star reviews 
  • Offer competitive new patient call drivers 

Get started, call the experts

At Conversion Whale, direct mail experts with a proven record of successful saturation direct mail campaigns are able to support any new practice, newly opened practice or a business interested in growing its local exposure for new patients. To learn more, contact the direct mail professionals at Conversion Whale.


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