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How to Design a Dental Postcard That Converts

The dental postcard is one of the most effective direct mail marketing techniques for practices across the nation. As a matter of fact, 73% of US consumers favor direct mail because it’s easily accessible. 

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To add to that, a USPS study found that people who receive direct mail spend 28% more than those who don’t receive direct mail. 

However, the success of a dental postcard marketing campaign is based on three factors; the postcard’s size, it’s design, and who it gets mailed to. 

Let’s begin by exploring the step-by-step process to designing a postcard that converts recipients into patients. While it might seem rather easy to design a dental postcard, below are a few tips that must be considered during the design process. 

Tips for designing a dental postcard that easily attracts new patients 

Step 1: Design the postcard 

The main goal of a dental postcard is to attract new patients to your practice. That’s why it’s imperative to perfect your messaging and design a postcard that compels someone to visit your business. Therefore, try to include eye-appealing colors and photos. 

Your messaging should include a call to action, such as “call now.” To that point, make sure to add your phone number, website URL, address, and email. Also, be sure not to overcrowd your postcard, messaging should be clear, and images should be kept to a minimum. 

Step 2: Create your mailing list

In order for your dental postcard to reach the right recipients, you must know which locations to target. That’s why a targeted mailing list is one of the most important factors of direct mail marketing! If you don’t already have a high-performing mailing list, then find a reputable service that delivers quality lists. 

During the vetting process, ask how the list was compiled and if lists are updated on a monthly basis. To add to that, ask if they guarantee the deliverability of their lists, which should have a 90 to 100% deliverability rate, to ensure your campaign success.  

Step 3: Track performance 

The most successful dentists know data is important to acquire in order to achieve practice growth. One of the many benefits of direct mail marketing is being able to track its performance. To do this, it’s best to use a call tracking number on your dental postcard. 

It’s a unique number tied to your postcard campaign that keeps track of how many calls are received, missed, at what times the calls were placed, and much more. Your call tracking number should be prominent and visible, without overpowering the design.  

Step 4: Monitor campaign effectiveness

The last part of your dental postcard campaign is monitoring its effectiveness. Over the course of a month, it’s vital to gauge how well your campaign is being received. Take into account, there will be ebbs and flows in your results. 

As a rule of thumb, if your dental postcard isn’t receiving a return of two to four times your investment or at least producing a 50% conversion rate on patients who call to schedule, then you should revise your strategy.

3 types of dental mailing lists that produce great results 

While many small businesses use direct mail marketing as part of their marketing strategy, it’s imperative for dental practices to choose the right type of list. 

  1. Demographic list – A more targeted approach, new patient demographics seek out recipients based on their age, annual household income, and how close they live to your dental practice. 
  2. Resident/occupant list – If you want to reduce the cost of postage, then occupant lists are the way to go. This means your dental postcard gets mailed to all of the houses on a certain carrier route, more importantly, the ones surrounding your practice.  
  3. “New mover” list – As the name suggests, this list is built up of people who have just moved to the area. They are searching for schools, doctors, and other services that simplify their lives. It’s a great way to target people in need of a new dentist. 

Now, if you work with a reputable dental mailing list provider, you’ll at least have an idea of which are best suitable for dentistry.          

Work with the experts in dental direct mail marketing

There are lots of tactics to ensure your postcards are designed to get maximum exposure. Some mailers even include QR codes that direct recipients to the practice website.

Direct mail marketing is a tactic that dental practices must utilize. While it can feel like a complex undertaking, the process can be easier with the help of the experts at Conversion Whale. 

They’ll help you figure out your target area, get the right mailing lists, design high-converting dental postcards, track metrics, and more. Fill out the form below or visit to see how the experts can help your practice stand out from the competition.

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