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Geo Targeted Direct Mail That Attracts Dental Patients Efficiently

When it comes to direct mailing, many dental practices can attest to using zip codes to target new patients. These patients typically live within a specific geographic area close to their office. 

polygon mapping technology

In regards to your direct mail marketing strategy, you should focus on targeting new patients that actually convert. In addition to retaining existing patients based on their wants and needs.

Therefore, targeting patients based on their zip code is a waste of time that produces tons of data waste. Plus, it’s also a waste of your precious marketing dollars. 

However, geo targeted direct mail that uses location targeting technology is far more precise. It’s definitely the smarter choice when attracting the right patients to your practice. 

What is geo targeted direct mail and location targeting technology?

Geo targeted direct mail is a marketing technique in which you target an audience based on their geographic area. Then, send mailers to their house to attract their business.

Location targeting technology such as Conversion Whale’s polygon mapping system is a precision-focused technique. It obtains a person’s mobile fingerprint in order to target them effectively.  

The majority of people use their mobile devices to retrieve information. In fact, according to the Local Mobile Search Study, more than 60% of smartphone users use their device to access local content. This makes the data stored on a person’s phone incredibly valuable to marketers.

Location targeted technology works by using data from mobile devices when a patient steps foot into polygon-mapped locations. Applications on mobile devices with location-enabled services collect information about the person. Then, share it with mobile carriers via their mobile device ID, in a privacy-complaint manner. 

When you add our polygon mapping system into the equation, you can learn about a patient’s patterns, preferences, habits, behaviors and pinpoint their location. This enables you to restrict or refine your direct mail marketing strategy. 

A good example of this would be gathering data about patients who visit your competitor’s office. As well as certain shops in a mall, and anywhere else where polygon mapping is being utilized. Then, analyze certain personal attributes that apply to patients who are more likely to convert. 

Once you determine which potential patients are a right fit for your practice, send them a direct mailer. Direct mail pieces are still very relevant today. As a matter of fact, the Data & Marketing Association, found that 42.2% of people who receive direct mailers, actually read or skim the material you send. 

Now, imagine how much higher that percentage could rise when you intentionally target patients you know have a higher probability of conversion. 

The benefits of location targeted direct mail?

Sending direct mail to a random audience using a batch of zip codes is risky. What happens in this scenario is that you spend money on producing mailers that get delivered to people who may not be the right fit for your services. 

With geo targeted direct mail, our polygon mapping technology gives us the ability to know the precise location of patients. As well as which households to target. This method of direct mail marketing is beneficial to both your practice and prospective patients. 

For instance, your practice benefits because it’s able to reach the right patients at an affordable cost. Most importantly, you bypass the wrong patients.

Prospective patients benefit because they learn about your practice. They find out it’s proximity to their home. In addition to the services you offer, and often get a great deal for one or more services.

Revolutionary location targeting technology leverages data that has only been available to multi-billion dollar companies. In fact, companies like BMW, Uber, McDonalds, and others use this technology to their advantage.

In relation to your practice, it is an effective direct mail marketing method that targets dental patients based on their wants and needs.

How does location targeted mail attract more patients?

Location targeted direct mail that utilizes patient targeting technology such as polygon mapping is certainly more precise than sending mailers to all households within a certain set of zip codes. 

In fact, it allows you to attract your ideal patient based on a variety of personal attributes that tell us whether they would be inclined to use your services or not. 

To expand a bit further, we’ve mapped 147,000 dental practices, and our polygon mapping system is so precise that it can pinpoint exactly where a patient is located within .001 of a mile.

Once a patient steps into a dental practice we have mapped, we have the ability to track their precise location as well as other locations they have visited, for the previous 90 days. 

Then, based on online and offline data, we can target them using more than 100 personal attributes. These attributes include a person’s age, household income, marital status, home ownership, and other useful data to figure out whether they are the type of patient you want to attract. 

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The best way to attract patients to your practice is to have an edge over your competitors. That’s why leveraging this type of exclusive technology, which has previously only been used by multi-billion dollar companies, works to your advantage. 

At Conversion Whale, our patient targeting technology makes use of polygon mapping to reach prospective patients.

Furthermore, our direct mailer pieces target patients based on household attributes so you can attract and convert the right patients for the right procedures.

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