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Customized Direct Mail Targets The Right Patients To Your Practice

Every dental practice should utilize customized direct mail and incorporate an effective strategy to leverage its advantages into their marketing plan. 

personalized and customized direct mail

Customization is one of the reasons direct mail can yield favorable marketing results. Plus, paired with polygon mapping, or location targeted technology, you can find new prospects utilizing the perfect mix of geographic, demographic, and behavioral attributes. 

After that, use your targeted mailing list to launch a complete customized direct mail campaign to communicate one-to-one with prospective and existing patients.

How customized direct mail affects patient targeting

Mailers with general messages have a low appeal and won’t get you the conversion results you’re hoping for.

When you customize or personalize your mailers, then send them out using location targeted technology, you stand a higher chance of:  

  • Your patients actually reading it 
  • Presenting patients with a message that resonates with their wants and needs 
  • Establishing trust with prospective patients and strengthening your bond with existing patients
  • Maximizing your conversion rate

In fact, direct mail is a preferred method of contact by 73% of American consumers because they can access it at their convenience. Furthermore, a study conducted by USPS revealed 28% more purchases by people who receive direct mail and a 28% increase in spending over non-direct mail recipients. 

For these reasons, it is safe to say that direct mail is an effective marketing technique and even more, personalized mailers positively affect your patient conversion rates. 

Why use polygon mapping for your customized mailers 

Polygon mapping technology is an extremely effective marketing technique that, in the past, has only been available to multi-billion dollar companies. Location targeting technology such as polygon mapping obtains vital information about prospective and existing patients that can be used to your practice’s advantage. 

Here’s the step-by-step process of how it works:

  1. Through the use of mobile devices and applications with location-enabled services, mobile carriers collect and share information about a user’s location, as well as other information, via their mobile device ID. 
  2. By integrating polygon mapping, a location targeted technology that outlines a defined area in a map, any person using a mobile device with location-enabled services will have their information recorded. 
  3. Conversion Whale has polygoned more than 140,000 dental practices and can pinpoint a person within .001 of a mile, and track their movements for the previous 90 days.
  4. Dental practices using our technology can target patients, who’ve entered our polygon mapped locations, based on more than 100 different personal attributes using their online and offline data, such as household income, marital status, age, gender, etc.
  5. Once we’ve gathered the data you seek and identified the right patients, we can target them through customized tailored direct mail.

The intelligence obtained by polygon mapping is valuable to your practice because it allows you to target the right patients, leading to a higher conversion rate. You can also target your competitors’ patients as well.

Through our proprietary technology, we gather insights about the patients that enter your competitors’ office. Then, we send them information specific to their wants and needs. 

For example, we can send them high-converting, premium mailers when it’s time for their semi-annual and annual exams. We can also send mailers promoting new procedures, specials, and even inform them when you’re opening a new, top-of-the-line practice. 

3 effective design elements in our conversion-focused mailers 

At Conversion Whale, our customized direct mail pieces are specifically designed to yield higher conversions. We’ve tested a variety of different designs to find out which attract patients and prompt them to take action. 

We base the designs of our mailers on three very important factors:

  1. Paper size and weight. Through intensive testing methods, we’ve learned that glossy postcards and other like pieces are more favorable in the eyes of your patient.
  2. Customized imagery and colors. We’ve researched which colors are more appealing and chosen a variety of images that relate directly to your dental practice.
  3. Personalized messaging. Our mailers allow you to integrate a patient’s name into your marketing collateral piece and includes wording that speaks directly to the patient one-to-one. 

Building referral relationships and establishing patient loyalty is key to the success of any practice. This is why we’ve conducted extensive research and taken it a step further by designing high-converting, personalized mailers.

As a dentist, you should be focusing your efforts toward treating your patients. It’s important to know your area of expertise and outsource your mailing efforts to the experts instead of wasting time on creating designs then testing them for appeal all by yourself. 

Find out more 

Most marketers know that customized direct mail helps to increase response rates – by 36% in most cases – and 78% agree that integrated, branded, and personalized direct mail is highly effective

With Conversion Whale’s custom tailored direct mail pieces, you can easily personalize any aspect of your mailers based on users’ preferences. Then, with our location targeted technology, you can target patients according to their purchasing patterns and other behaviors. 

Rest assured knowing our tailored text and visuals are created for conversion and will prompt patients to take action when the time is right. Your direct mail is no longer advertising, but a personalized message to a patient who grows alongside your practice.


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