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Automated Direct Mail: An Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Practice

Automated direct mail is the solution to old school, manual direct mail campaigns. Basically, it is a marketing strategy that combines sophisticated software with a marketing automation platform to trigger your direct mail campaign. 

automated direct mail

Fully equipped with digital marketing features, analytics, event triggers, and customization, direct mail campaigns that are automated help with patient retention and strengthening loyalty, among other factors. 

This efficient and savvy method beats traditional direct mail marketing. Limitations for traditional direct mail marketing include:

  • Budget restrictive costs  
  • Batch size for print runs is typically large (1,000+ piece) 
  • Manual and tedious campaign setup
  • No tracking processes or integration capabilities  
  • Poorly targeted audience

Most importantly, automation can help your practice avoid pitfalls tied to planning, managing and launching a direct mail campaign.

In fact, a third of marketers agree that saving time is the biggest benefit of automation. Plus, 68% say it leads to increased customer engagement, 58% prefer automation’s prompt communications, and 58% note there are increased opportunities for upselling.

What is automated direct mail?

A new category of Software as a Service (SaaS) tools, automated direct mail uses a cloud based software to manage the direct mail process. Typically, it’s equipped with CRM integration capabilities, editing and personalization tools, as well as options for small or large batch sizes.

When it comes to your marketing efforts, you will save your practice valuable time and money by automating your direct mail campaign. Plus, it helps to reach the right patients at the right time, with messaging that resonates and is more likely to convert. As a matter of fact, marketing automation can increase sales productivity by 14.5%

With process-specific, automated mail campaigns, you can:

  • Pre-schedule direct mail campaigns to be delivered around holidays, events, or at specific time intervals.
  • Offer patients procedures and specials specific to their wants and needs to increase conversion.
  • Establish a better relationship with existing patients that builds loyalty.
  • Position yourself as the local expert and create a sense of trust with prospective patients that drives them to schedule an appointment when the time is right.

To effectively engage potential and existing patients, your mailers should be customized, timely and targeted to their wants and needs. With automated direct mail, you can create a variety of different campaigns. By automating, you can track the results of your direct mail campaign. Then use the results to further optimize your campaign. 

What’s best to remember with automated direct mail is that it has a high response rate, provides beneficial data analytics, while getting the most out of your established patient list. 

How to nurture your patient list?

Your patient list holds valuable data and has the potential to increase production. However, if you don’t regularly update your patient list, you can end up wasting money on mailers that don’t get delivered. Plus, the post office requires addresses on direct mail to be up-to-date. 

At Conversion Whale, our experts conduct an in-depth review of your patient list. Updates are focused on prospect inactivity and unscheduled treatments for the last 12 months. We then create a marketing automation strategy centered around success. 

Eligible patients can receive treatment offers monthly that are relevant to their needs, addressed to them directly. They can also receive mailers with useful oral care tips or even reminders for their semi-annual checkups. 

Custom tailored communication sent to existing patients helps to improve patient loyalty. When you nurture your patient list, you’re actually nurturing your relationship with each patient individually. In essence, this positively impacts your patient lifetime value. 

Top 7 components to a successful marketing automation strategy 

Marketing automation is on the rise, and automated direct mail is a great way to re-engage existing patients. Your patient list is full of information about people who have already converted. 

In order to keep them actively engaged and ensure they come back to your practice, you must implement a marketing automation strategy. To do this, there are seven components you must make sure your strategy includes and/or tracks:

  1. Increasing lead generation
  2. Lead nurturing
  3. Sales revenue
  4. Improving customer engagement
  5. Marketing productivity
  6. Improving campaign measurability
  7. Improving campaign targeting 

Creating an offline experience for your patients has a direct correlation to your production. That’s why our experts at Conversion Whale have done everything in their power to help you create, trigger, and send direct mail as easy as sending an email. 

Learn how to make automation work for your dental practice

In dentistry, your patient list is vital to the success of your practice. If you’ve been letting your patient list sit and collect dust, now is the time to rethink your strategy.

Direct mail automation can help you achieve a higher return on your contacts database and convert leads into patients. Additionally, it can help you nurture your relationship with existing patients. Through a strategic direct mail campaign, you can encourage patients to visit your practice and make purchases.  

If you don’t have an automated direct mail marketing strategy set up, then you’re missing out. Contact Conversion Whale now to learn how to nurture and engage your existing contacts using automated direct mailers.


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