Dental Practices Run More Efficiently with Front Desk DDS

Dental Practices Run More Efficiently with Front Desk DDS

Front Desk DDS provides complete front desk support by managing all scheduling, insurance verification and billing for your practice. Dental practices no longer need a complete front desk staff, allowing practice owners to invest the savings in other areas. Here’s how it works:

  • Scheduling – Front Desk DDS specializes in scheduling new patients even when practices are not open, and will confirm appointments and fill hygiene schedules.
  • Insurance Verification – Front Desk DDS verifies insurance benefits, creates and attaches plans directly into the practice’s software four days ahead of appointments
  • Insurance and Patient Billing – Front Desk DDS submits claims, adds attachments and narratives, works directly in each practice’s clearinghouse, resubmits and appeals all dental claims. Front Desk DDS will also audit patient ledgers and send statements.

Here are eight more reasons to use Front Desk DDS to grow your dental practice:

  1. The Front Desk DDS services are quick to implement and have a proven record of success. With more than 130 employees working to optimize front desk operations, Front Desk DDS scheduled more than 1.2 million appointments in 2017.

  3. With Front Desk DDS, dental practices experienced a 95 percent call answer rate compared to the national rate of 62 percent. Front Desk DDS also boasts a 77 percent patient conversion rate versus the national average of 38 percent. Front Desk DDS helps dental practices schedule more appointments by answering more calls and converting more patients.

  5. Demand for these services is high among dental practices as evidenced by Front Desk DDS’s 2018 growth thus far. Front Desk DDS gained 60 new clients in the first quarter of 2018, a marked increase compared to the first quarter of 2017, when the company had just 13 new clients.

  7. Dental practices are able to optimize their productivity and create substantial growth through professionally-trained, dental-specific schedulers.

  9. Front Desk DDS allows practices to retain a full schedule while in-house teams focus on patient care.

  11. Front Desk DDS schedulers return voicemail calls promptly (within one hour), so you capture the $2,500 average monthly income from returning those calls.

  13. You maximize practice efficiency by allowing the Front Desk DDS specialized insurance verification team to make the time-consuming phone calls to obtain full or recall breakdowns.

  15. Front Desk DDS makes friendly calls to collect money owed to you by past-due patients so that your office income goes up.

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