Conversion Whale Launches Plus Code Initiative to Optimize Dental Marketing Strategies

Conversion Whale Launches Plus Code Initiative to Optimize Dental Marketing Strategies

Specialized Digital Marketing Company Keeps Dental Practices Accessible and Competitive

SUNRISE, Fla. (Sept. 27, 2018)Conversion Whale, the nation’s leading Google AdWords marketing company for dental practices and a subsidiary of Dental Whale, recently announced a new initiative delivering plus code search engine optimization (SEO) for dental marketing. This new offering will not only improve a dental practice’s search ranking in Google, it will also allow patients to more easily find the practice’s specific physical location.

Conversion Whale’s new initiative launch coincides with Google’s quiet roll-out of their plus code feature in Google Maps. Plus codes give addresses to everyone, everywhere, allowing them to receive deliveries, access emergency services, register to vote and more. In other words, plus codes are like a street address for people or places that don’t have one – which is nearly half of the world’s urban population, according to the World Bank.

The move was introduced to help users more easily find the specific places they are looking for, as well as for businesses who are trying to become more accessible to users. Plus codes not only help customers find a practice’s location, they also work to optimize inbound and outbound deliveries for faster and more efficient parcel delivery services. This proves to be an asset for dental practices, who not only need to make sure they are easily searchable and visible for patients, but who also need timely deliveries for supplies and equipment to stay up and running.

The announcement of plus code inclusion also means that dental practices and their address will rank higher in Google for patients searching for their location, aiding in SEO dental marketing efforts. There are many other benefits of plus codes and integrating these into a dental marketing strategy, including:

  • No Cost – Plus codes are free. There are no licensing fees or other costs, and since the technology is open-sourced, anyone can access plus codes and create their own applications for free.
  • Offline Access – Plus codes work whether patients are online or offline; they don’t need a network connection. This will allow them to easily find dental practices wherever they are, even if they do not have an Internet connection.
  • User-Friendly – Places that are close to each other have similar plus codes. This makes plus codes very easy to use, allowing for patients to quickly find their destination regardless of their location.
  • Identification – Plus codes are easily identifiable for people and computers. This ensures Google Search and Google Maps recognize them, and makes it easy for dental practices to organically improve their search ranking.

With so many patients researching dental offices online, Conversion Whale’s mobile-first design presents an incredible opportunity for practices to organically improve SEO ranking and reach thousands more potential patients. It will also help patients easily find a practice for their appointment, whether or not they have ever been to the physical location before.

“Our new plus code initiative for dental practices is just another way we are staying ahead of the latest dental marketing industry trends and developments to help our clients stay competitive,” said Bill Donato, founder of Conversion Whale. “This newly-released technology will make dental practices much easier for patients to find – both online in search results, as well as in-person when they’re trying to find a practice’s physical location for an appointment. We’re confident this will help dental practices generate more leads, while also keeping their practices running smoothly day to day – whether it’s through more on-time appointments or more efficient supplies and equipment deliveries. ”

Conversion Whale provides a variety of marketing tools to help generate leads, including responsive website design with multi-device compatibility, on-site video development, retargeted Web banners and organic search engine optimization. Conversion Whale’s focus is on two main aspects of marketing: attracting new customers and increasing client frequency – guaranteeing an unprecedented minimum of 50 new leads per month. With Conversion Whale’s targeted marketing campaigns and proprietary dashboard, dentists are able to see the results of lead generation in real-time.

The brand’s innovative and comprehensive approach to online reputation management and social media marketing also proves to be an asset to dentists looking to generate more leads and grow their patient base. With more than half of consumers using online search engines to find a new dentist, dental practices need to have a strong online presence. By encouraging patients to leave online reviews and optimizing social media tactics, dentists can make an impressive impact on new and existing patients.

Conversion Whale works with all its clients to identify the best audiences, marketing language and SEO terms for their given communities. The firm sets up onboarding calls and team meetings to ensure marketing dollars are spent effectively.

About Conversion Whale

Founded in 2014, Conversion Whale is a rapidly-growing marketing firm that has become the nation’s leading Google AdWords marketing company for dental practices. Conversion Whale’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff specializes in turning existing websites into profitable marketing engines and promises its clients a minimum of 50 new leads a month. The company currently partners with more than 400 dental practices throughout North America and is rapidly expanding its reach. For more information, visit or call (855) 699-4253.