Acquire and Convert More New Patients with These Easy Tips

Acquire and Convert More New Patients with These Easy Tips

Getting and keeping new customers is essential to the health of any dental practice, but some offices don’t give this goal the attention it deserves. In fact, a 2015 report in Dental Economics on new patient acquisition and conversion calls new customers “the lifeblood of a dental practice.” If you’ve let strategic patient acquisition slip through the cracks, do not fret. Here are a few tips on how to turn new prospects into loyal patients:

1. Know Your Marketing Resources

Your current customers are one of your strongest assets when it comes to bringing in new customers. Harness that good, old-fashioned word of mouth by adding a “Tell a Friend” button to your website. If customers compliment the service they received, gently encourage them to share their experience.

Speaking of sharing, don’t forget about the online resources at your fingertips. According to Dental Economics, 40 percent of dentists surveyed said their website attracts new customers. About 18 percent said that patients find them through search engines, and 10 percent said social media has helped them acquire new customers.

In your online content, don’t focus on selling services. Give viewers a glimpse of your office culture, an opportunity to win discounted services or a reason to engage in a conversation. Share content that is informative, fun or personalized – if potential customers see a unique, upbeat office environment with informed, approachable staff, your online content has done its job.

2. Master the New Customer Phone Call

If you’ve never created a script for new customer calls, take a few minutes today to write one. Phone scripts help maximize the number of patients who book an appointment during that initial phone call. Keep these points in mind while you formulate the script that works best for your office:

  • Convey a warm, friendly tone.
  • Concisely mention any awards or statistics that build value for your practice.
  • Shoot to book an appointment within the next seven to 10 business days.

3. Show Pride in Your Office

It’s a small gesture, but giving new customers a tour of your office at the start of their first appointment communicates that you have a practice worth showing off. Take advantage of this opportunity to talk up your staff and facilities and build value for your practice. If you have messy, disorganized of unfinished spots in your office, take the time to get them customer-ready. The great impression you leave on new patients will be worth the extra effort.

4. Lay a Foundation for Continued Care

Giving new patients a comprehensive exam lets you set them up for great care on a long-term basis. It also gives you an opportunity to develop a rapport and demonstrate your commitment to excellent care and fair recommendations, which builds value for you and your practice. Talk to new patients about the dental services you offer, including elective services that might be a good fit for them in the future.

All of these tips aim to help you quickly establish the value of your practice when a new customer comes knocking. Establishing a plan of action for marketing, new customer calls and first appointments will help you acquire and retain more new customers

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