4 Simple Ways to Convert Negative Online Reviews Into Something Positive for Your Practice.

4 Simple Ways to Convert Negative Online Reviews Into Something Positive for Your Practice.

Social media has made it easy for reviews on companies and products to spread quickly. Having a Facebook page for your dental practice can be a great way to gain publicity for your services when your customers share their experiences and results. However, just as good news can do a whole lot of help for your practice, negative feedback can do just as much to hurt it.

Still, this is no reason to panic. Every person, product, and place have gotten negative feedback before. It’s important to address these critics directly and efficiently to turn the negative comments into a positive opportunity for growth.

Here are four ways to turn negative comments into positive feedback for your dental practice:

1.) Respond Publicly and in a Timely Matter

It’s important to respond to negative feedback on a public platform as quick as possible. This shows that you have nothing to hide from your customers and patients and that your practice is strong enough to handle constructive criticism. Address the accusations publicly and instead of focusing on burying the negative comments, combat these responses with positive things your practice has done.

2.) Take the Issue Offline

You never want to spark a back-and-forth argument online, especially with someone that is passionate about their point of view. A more effective approach is to drive the conversation offline and towards a personal phone call with the office manager or the regional manager. Include the manager’s name and direct phone line, offering to listen to the complaint more in-depth and arrive at a resolution. This proves that you truly are looking to fix the problem, and not just trying to save face online. Once you have spoken to them and solved their problem and apologized, depending on the situation, you can kindly ask them to remove the review.

3.) Apologize and Offer Solutions

If you think of these negative comments as attacks, you’ll come back defensive and often hostile. This can cause the disappointed customer to become even more upset with your practice and lead them to post more negative feedback. Apologize first. Even if you think your practice is not in the wrong, accept why the client had a bad experience and admit to their accusations. Then, offer a positive solution. If the client was unsatisfied with their teeth cleaning, offer them a discounted visit for next time. You want to keep their business, so make sure you make an effort to satisfy their concern. Be sure to look into their commentary as well. If the individual had a bad experience with a specific employee, be sure to speak with that staff member and investigate what happened. Offering solutions to these patients will help both them and your practice out.

4.) Most Importantly, Generate Positive Reviews

One of the best ways to deal with bad reviews is to make less of them appear. If you see customers that are happy with their experience with your business, encourage them to review you on your listings page or follow your social media channels. Put small notes or reminders around, making it easy for anyone to do so. If you see customers in person that are upset with something, solve the problem while they’re still at your place of business. They might even write a positive review about how their issue was solved, which can help crowd out any bad reviews that still slip through.

Plan for the Future – What Can You Do to Prevent Negative Reviews?

Take all of your negative feedback seriously. Even if it seems like a silly comment, your job as a dentist is to provide your patients with satisfactory service. Notice if there are any trends in these critical comments. If there is a common problem expressed by your patients, use their feedback to implement positive changes in your strategies or policies. Use their criticism as a tool for planning ahead to avoid leaving your customers feeling unsatisfied.

Think of negative feedback as constructive criticism. Respond quickly and efficiently to these comments, and use their opinions as an opportunity to create positive change in your practice.

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