3 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page

3 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page

Aside from your website, Facebook is likely one of the first places potential leads will search for your business. It’s important to optimize your page so people will get a good sense of your business, as well as product and service offerings from your social media presence. With 1.13 billion active users on Facebook daily, you need to make sure you are reaching this audience effectively.

Your Facebook page helps you build a community around your brand and share information with your audience. You can also respond to customer inquiries and learn more about your followers using Facebook analytics under the Insights tab. To make sure your followers are getting all the information they need from your page as well, optimize your company’s Facebook page using these tips:

1. Use a Unique URL and Username

Facebook allows company pages to edit their Facebook URL and use a @username to reflect their business name. This makes it easier for new or returning customers to find your information on Facebook, while allowing other pages to easily mention your page. This helps you connect with other businesses and directs more traffic to your page. Having a custom URL and @username also adds authority to your business, since it incorporates your name into the page.

2. Provide Complete Company Information

Make sure your company information – including categories and subcategories – is completely filled out. Businesses sometimes neglect to fully flesh out this portion of their page, erroneously believing that people don’t bother to check it. The ‘About’ section of your business page will give your company credibility, and detail exactly what your business does. This will help guide potential customers directly to the goods and services they need. Facebook allows up to three subcategories, so try to find the three that best fit your business, and use all of them.

3. Add a Call-to-Action Button

Facebook allows you to have a Call-to-Action button on your cover photo, making it easy for customers to reach you. You want to make sure you are utilizing this button so customers can recognize it, and so you get a response if it’s used. Contact Us, Book Now, Sign Up or Watch Video are just some CTAs you can use to help boost a product or promote your content. Just click ‘Add Button’ on your cover photo, and select the CTA you want to include.

Optimizing your company Facebook page is a simple and effective way to make sure you’re reaching your audiences. It can convert leads into customers, and drive general traffic to your webpage and content, creating more brand awareness and exposure for you.

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