Why Real Photos on Your Dental Website Are Important

Why Real Photos on Your Dental Website Are Important

So you’re using dynamic stock photos on your practice’s website to make it stand out and look more engaging? Great! Guess what? Your competitors are also using those same exact stock photos. In fact, you’ll see a lot of the same photos being used all across the country to the point where a lot of these dental websites become completely indistinguishable from one another.

It becomes increasingly difficult for your practice to be unique when your website looks so generic. That is why we highly recommend that you use photos of real people into your website design.

Stand Apart From the Crowd

Don’t be like every other practice. Incorporate real pictures of your actual patients and staff member – not just the inside of their mouths either. People generally tend to connect with other real people, and building a sense of community within your practice’s website will help make it more dynamic and engaging. Including pictures of your friendly staff and smiling patients can help make your practice add a much-needed human factor to what is considered a traditionally sterile environment.

Giving Your Practice Some Personality

Your website allows you to showcase who you are as well as your personality. Dentistry is serious business, but it doesn’t mean your patients don’t want to see you smile. Using photos of you and your staff having fun is a great way to make a lasting first impression. Don’t just use your outdated portrait shot – take candid photos of you working with your patients or having fun around the office. We once worked with a doctor who dressed up as Taylor Swift, lipstick and all for a costume party at his office. He posted the photos to his practices page, and you know what? It was a hit! He received a ton of positive exposure in his community and he saw an increase in conversions.

Now, if dressing up in drag isn’t for you, we still encourage that dentists have fun with it. The use of real photos taken around the office is instantly relatable to patients who are just learning about your practice online. It gives them a sense of what they can expect when they walk through the door and it gives them a little added comfort. A few pictures can provide them all the information they need to know. Just make sure patients have signed a consent form authorizing your office to use their photos. To read more about HIPAA and social media click here. 

Do Away With Stock Photos Today

Using photos of real people on your website gives the impression of authenticity and patient trust. It’s a great way to connect with future patients while also celebrating your practice and your staff. If you are looking to redesign your practice’s website, consider working with an agency that is well-versed in the dental industry. At Conversion Whale, we understand how to reach potential patients online and get them to walk in the door.

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