Why Google Reviews are Important

Why Google Reviews are Important

Patient reviews are the backbone any sort of dental marketing. In fact, a survey conducted by information technology research company Software Advice found 84 percent of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians, and 77 percent use online reviews as their first step in finding a new doctor.

However, not all review sites are created equal. Websites like ZocDoc and Rate a Dentist can be a great place for patients to share their personal experiences and recommendations. However, these can be hard to find in a regular Web search. Less prominent third-party review sites do very little to help your local SEO and can often be pushed down to the second and third pages of a Google search, rendering them useless.

Where Do You Begin?

There are literally hundreds of directories where your patients can review your practice, but we recommend you start with a Google My Business page. Google reviews increase credibility since anonymity is quite difficult, and they are also the first thing people see when they search for your brand on Google.

Reviews that are displayed in search results on Google are likely to affect the way people find you, and the nature and tone of the review will determine whether the customer will engage with your business or not. For that reason, don’t start building reviews on other platforms before you’ve solidified your Google My Business page.

Claiming Your Google Business Pages

First, did you know that most businesses have unclaimed Google My Business pages? If you didn’t, you also may be surprised to know that your practice probably has one too.

We once worked with a doctor in Georgia that had a Google Business Page that listed his location as closed, and he wasn’t even aware. Worse yet, we worked with another dentist who had a practice with over 10 locations, and each location was claimed by a competitor who changed the phone numbers in an effort to steal patients.

Take steps to ensure that this does not happen to you. Claim your Google My Business Page here. Once you claim your business page, make sure you populate your page with the correct phone, address and links to social media. Your Google My Business page should match your website and social media accounts. This is crucial for dentists because this ensures that reviews of your practice will always be accompanied with the right contact information.

Help Patients Find You

If you are finding online reputation management is too much to handle in-house, consider outsourcing your unique needs to a company equipped to handle it. At Conversion Whale, we understand what patients search for online and how to reach them. We rank your practice for dental terms that will get you new patients.

About Conversion Whale

Founded in 2014, Conversion Whale is a rapidly-growing marketing firm that has become the nation’s leading Google AdWords marketing company for dental practices, legal offices and franchise companies. Its dedicated and knowledgeable staff specializes in turning existing websites into profitable marketing engines and promises its clients a minimum of 50 new leads a month. The company currently has more than 500-plus partners throughout North America and is rapidly expanding its reach. For more information, visit www.conversionwhale.com or call (855) 699-4253.