What you ought to know about social media marketing for dental practices.

What you ought to know about social media marketing for dental practices.

Every business in any industry can benefit from the use of social media as a tactic to connect with consumers and potential patients. While it might seem like a strange fit, dental practices can certainly utilize social media to identify your patient base and communicate your messaging. However, it takes the right strategy and execution to get the best social media results.

Here’s a simple guide to social media marketing for dental practices:

1.) What should doctors keep in mind when they approach social media marketing?

Your dental practice’s social media accounts should be both professional and creative. Be sure to include achievements your practice has seen and statistics that you’re proud to share. You want people to know that your practice is friendly and approachable. However, it’s important to make sure your account is equally as fun, educational and engaging. Show how your practice acts as a community by posting photos from holiday parties, get-togethers, and other light-hearted events.

2.) What are the most efficient social media outlets you recommend?

Facebook would be the most suitable social media outlet as it is one of the most interactive networking sites. For example, you can connect with your patients by inviting them to share any feedback or reviews on your practice in exchange for a free toothbrush or floss set. Facebook allows you to create more personalized relationships with your clients and potential patients. You can show the personality of your dental practice’s staff through the use of photos, videos, and creative posts. This will help prospective patients get to know your brand better and encourage them to reach out and schedule an appointment.

3.) How much time should a practice spend on social media accounts?

It’s important to keep your social media accounts updated frequently, but be sure not to overwhelm your followers. Daily posts are fine as long as you have something meaningful to share. Make sure each post is relevant and purposeful. Otherwise, your followers may feel their newsfeeds are being bombarded with spam and opt to unfollow.

4.) What about hashtags?

Hashtags can either boost the traffic to and circulation of your social media posts or cause them to flop. Keep your hashtags short. By combining too many words, your phrases become jumbled. Think of a few keywords that your particular posts center around. Highlight these words and come up with creative, short hashtags that will make your messages more memorable. It’s recommended to use 1 to 3 hashtags per post.

5.) What type of photos should you post?

Avoid procedures, pictures of people’s mouth, smile galleries and other revealing photos like these. People want to see progress and success, but can be turned off by overly exposing photos. A better approach would be to show “before and after” pictures of a person’s entire face. That way you can showcase your results in a tasteful and respectful manner. You can also post photos of your staff with patients after a procedure or appointment. This shows that your practice cares about building relationships and is great to work with.


Results from social media marketing may take some time. You might not get over 100 likes on your first post, and that’s okay. With the right patience and planning, you’ll find the right ways to connect with your patients and get them in the door.

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