The Importance of a Whale-Trained Front Desk

The Importance of a Whale-Trained Front Desk

Your front desk is your patient’s first impression of your office. It’s the first touch point they ever have with your practice and it sets the tone for their overall experience. That initial phone call or conversation with your receptionist or office manager can lead to a loyal and long term patient.

Having a well-trained front desk is important for your practice’s culture and success. Let’s take a look at three ways that preparing your front desk for calls and introductions can boost your company’s client base.

1) Train Your Staff on Phones

There are many things your front desk is responsible for when answering phones. Your staff should be able to book appointments, answer commonly asked questions and overall provide potential and returning patients with a satisfying customer service experience. Hold training sessions with your staff ahead of time to inform them on how their phone calls should go. Make sure they’re aware of frequently asked questions and have the proper information to answer these inquiries. You might want to designated different employees for different operations. For example, one staff member can be responsible for booking appointments, while another can be in charge of frequently asked questions. This allows them to be specialized in these areas and will result in more efficient work.

2) Prepare the Introduction

Like we said, the initial phone call with your office can either make or break your opportunity with a new patient. Explain to your staff how their introductions should go. You want them to be professional yet personal so that patients don’t feel like you’re reading from a script. Employees should always state the name of the practice or leading doctor when answering the phone so people know they’ve dialed the right number. Make sure your staff is using a tone and language that exhibits the culture and attitude of your office. Remind your employees to always be friendly, courteous and understanding. Patients can easily become frustrated on phone calls with doctors’ offices, especially when it comes to scheduling or canceling appointments.

3) Create a Schedule

Even on ‘off-days’ when your practice is closed, a staff member should always be managing phone calls. Schedule different staff members on weekends or holidays to be on call as a receptionist. Leave a number in the voicemail at your front desk, or link this phone number to your employee’s other devices. That way, if your patients have an emergency or need something immediately, they’ll know your practice is committed to satisfying their needs.

Your patients experience with your front desk is just as important as their appointment. Each staff member is vital to your practice and works hard into creating success for your business. Follow these steps and ensure that your staff is ready to provide each new patient with an exceptional experience.

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