The Power of Using Real Pictures on your Website

When doing business online it is very important to have the right pictures in order to sell your product or service. Pictures are a powerful tool to show customers what they can’t have in front of them, but in most cases pictures will attract more visitors to sites and increase your conversion rates.

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth more than a thousand words”, this is very true when talking about selling your service online. You have to make a good first impression on your site in the first 5 seconds before a visitor clicks away. A site with too much text can become dull and boring to visitors, instead, it’s better to have good quality photos which will save you space and time and will have a bigger impact on customers!

Enough of Stock Photos. Add Real Photos.Blog 1 - Pictures

Human photos on a website definitely have positive impact on visitor’s first impression of trustworthiness. Human photos with focus on face have much better impact (as emotional connect is stronger) Photos should be “real”. Visitors can tell when you are using stock photos. Stock photos are high-quality, yes. But they look cheesy, staged and fake… Stock photos might even reduce the trust on your website.

An example of how important real pictures really are for a business, is by looking at This website offers a service to rent low price accommodation in many countries, most of their pictures for the website were of very poor quality and just not showing real pictures of the accommodations. But once the business realized how important pictures were, they decided to include high quality photos instead and also pictures of the hotel staff and of customers enjoying the accommodation’s facilities. Needless to say – their booking rates improved drastically!

Real Pictures Don’t Have to Break your Bank

You don’t have to spend too much money hiring professionals to do your photos, just make sure they are good quality and that they are photos that customers can relate to and feel welcomed to your site. In fact, you don’t have to spend money at all! Most smartphones now offer really high resolution pictures and you can take advantage of that. Don’t hesitate to use images of your employees. So many websites underplay the power of human touch. Don’t be one of them. People like doing business with people, not websites. For a dental practice, a picture of the staff and your office can go a long way with visitors. Pictures of the dentists and assistants interacting with patients, can have a much greater impact and good impression than you might think. These pictures will make your site look real and authentic, and is adding real substance to the site. So stay away from stock photos and use real photos instead and you will see a higher conversion rate!

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